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    Indeed, this describes the situation of civilians in . Nobody cares about them! So called FSA is not different from beside western support.

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    " high priority target. Please report👇 🎯 🆔 [رامي®️🇵🇸] H4CKED 2013 🚩 🏃 🗓 2 days " Follow instructions on CtrlSec pinned tweet

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    I suggest you stop smoking that # weed it obviously is bad for you and boring me 😂😂

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    The Killing Father boob lux ?!

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    Flooded tents, Unresponsive authorities at -run Displacement camp bracing for first winter. Very important article from Mohammed Al-Haj Ali & Avery Edelman, highlighting the Demographic Manipulation of , with IDPs from held

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    related groups have released a propaganda poster as to .

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    Bill & Mate: Hey I'm listening 1070 AM radio. The guest said that is helping inside of against government. Is that accurate? Or did i misunderstand?

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    ISIL(ISIS) Leader Al-Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad Agent!

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    Lost In Paradise ... ... #2012 ... Stayed in my lane ... What happen??

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    Everybody Retweet This Plz. Chomsky on . He knows Erdogan is a Jihadi POS just like his Minions.

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    Come grab a Big Mac, 50% off if you use code:ISIS

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