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    Terrorists Use "Lone Wolves" In Their Attacks . Supported By A Cell Of Three To Four Terrorists

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  3. Interesting. Nashir News Agency- the main disseminators of propaganda on , publishes this poster saying they renew their allegiance pledge to the caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

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    “That fatwa will be a bright spot in the history of this country and the people, from whom the decisive response started, laying the foundations of the victory,” Abdul-Mahdi said.

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    So those of you who use in place of 's, and other related blunder here is a nice treat for you. I'm tired of cringing and trying my best not to correct you immediately. Thank me later. 😊

  6. "Do you think the Americans can defeat the caliphate? It's a war of attrition," an jihadi says. "When the coalition stops the airstrikes, we will return immediately." On the grinding fight with the "" in pocket and IS's "revival" in |

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    # timzy yung## what up$🤭

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    watching Good Luck 🍀 Charlie: It’s Christmas 🎄 on Disney channel

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    n’t anarchy&furore hurling swords in air&scaring people? How govt is silent on such hooligans&hooliganism breaking the peace of others?

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    watching Bizaardvark on Disney channel

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    Strong multimedia story telling. From 'sex slave' to Nobel winner

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    Waiting for visvasam pongal. Already becoming viral in twitter this make vijay fans more stomach burning.

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    You have this dance guy tells me smile .

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    true shall #

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    watching The Weather Channel

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    called lunacy a momentary lapse of reason But Is on his way to To a total Eclipse of the mind So much for a way out of Dodge

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    When you think about yourself than you don't need advise from anybody Please thinked about it Nd live with yourself atleast 15 mint everyday the only way to helping for knowing ourselves

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    CONGRATULATIONS Team India for winning the starter of test series..!! A proud moment for all of us..!! But have to appreciate the fight from the Aussies..!! A perfect test match comes to an end with the perfect result..!! ❤️❤️

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    : propaganda channels release brief statement on yesterday’s clashes in . Claim to have repelled an attempt by the to push their advance from . Also claim 3 deaths due to snipers.

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