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  2. Do you know what is the sad story is...... Who we love the most the more they hearts us... . . . .

  3. Nov 10

    At least 7 soldiers and 15 Syrian officers and soldiers were killed near in by rebels.

  4. Nov 9

    continues to support empowerment projects for vulnerable families in the fields of agriculture and livestock in ,

  5. 2 hours ago

    Reconnaissance Aircraft Above Kfar Zita ------------------------------------------ 25m 11:22: Kfarzita-now reconnaissance aircraft flying in a circular direction...

  6. Nov 9

    army conducted special operation this morning and captured several Jaish Izza positions near Latamiyah, killed 20 terrorists and captured two

  7. 9 hours ago

    : Detainees at the central prison have begun a hunger strike to protest Regime plans to transfer 11 inmates to Saydnaya prison for execution.

  8. Nov 11

    Turkish-backed rebels kill 6 Syrian soldiers in retaliatory attack

  9. 1 hour ago

    : A group of forces tried to infiltrate rebel positions in Northern , stepped on rebel land mines and was blown up tonight.

  10. Without each other Nothing is easy enough😊 . . . .

  11. 55 minutes ago

    Casualties Among Pro-assad Forces As Group Hit A Land Mine While Attempting To Infiltrate At Al Janabra Frontline In Northern

  12. 8 hours ago

    La Cecilia: We are Open Today ! 12 November. At Your Service from 10h00 to 21h00. Come Family, Come Friends @ 500 Rue Belanger: Take Out & Catering: (514) 660-3879

  13. Syrian Coalition Condemns Regime’s Attack on Position in Rural & Violations of Agreement

  14. Nov 11

    Jihadi Operations Room “And rouse the believers” targeted fortifications and regime army points in al-Ghab Plain with heavy machine guns and direct hits were achieved

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  15. 4 hours ago

    Syrian Arab Army units deployed to the northern countryside prevent terrorist infiltration attempt on their positions as militants defy the de escalation agreement and continue to operate in the buffer zone 🇸🇾

  16. Nov 3

    Artillery shelling by the Syrian regime forces stationed in the occupied city of al-Mussasna, targeted the towns of al-Latmena and Ma'arkbe, North countryside .

  17. Not saying anything but that's the truth 😅 . . . .

  18. 10 hours ago

    🔍By comparison to prisons here're the detainees of government prison in . Upon of their faces the conditions in government prisons are not so bad. That's why they have launched a hunger strike today

  19. Nov 11

    : high-ranking officer serving in Airbase, Lt. Col. Muhanad Kadi, was killed in E. acc. to versions in car accident or shot dead. He was from area of .

  20. Nov 10

    Visit Syria! The amazing engineering of the 17 Norias (water wheels) in the city of 🇸🇾

  21. Nov 10

    : Imam Hussein Brig. announced death yesterday of one of its Iraqi fighters. He probably took part in attack carried out on Jaish Izza position in N. , described as an -led operation w/ Syrian "Special Forces" (4-6 were also killed).

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