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  1. Dec 8

    Map of all attack tunnel on the border of

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  2. Dec 8

    has announced that it found a 3rd attack tunnel, the 2nd which crossed into territory from southern .

  3. Dec 4

    The tunnels built by , crossing from Lebanon into Israel, are a gross violation of Israeli sovereignty & Res 1701. Israel launched Op to neutralize these tunnels & to protect its citizens and its territory from Hezbollah's aggression.

  4. Dec 3

    BREAKING: IDF on highest alert as to destroy tunnels under way. Iran just supplied Hezbollah with weapons. knows all offensive targets in Lebanon and . IDF reservists called up. Air force, Navy prepared to engage Iran with NATO.

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  6. Dec 6

    ., since you were able to confirm our findings, please review and, well, confirm the obvious: dug that tunnel from Lebanon into Israel, and this is another of its countless violations of SC resolution #1701. Thank u, next.

  7. This morning israel started operation "”. This is a defensive operation meant at destroying attack tunnels, crossing into Israeli territory, built by .

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  8. 11 hours ago

    : In a worrying development it seems that is encouraging Lebanese civilians to enter the area in which IDF engineering work is being done. If rioting were to start it would seriously hinder IDF efforts and can easily lead to serious escalation.

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  9. 14 hours ago

    Fadi Chamoun. A former fighter. He has many videos with the bodies of civilians in Syria. He fought with the Assad army to kill civilians in Syria. Now he is a refugee in . When his family arrived at Austria airport, he raised the terrorist flag of Hezbollah.

  10. is in blatant violation of UN resolution 1701. is a dangerous terror organization, an Iranian proxy. Israel’s activity is of a defensive nature and meant to protect Israel and it’s citizens.

  11. Dec 4

    has taken control of and is pushing an ​ian agenda to turn that country into a base for attacks against Israel! Its actions harm Lebanon and threaten to make the tremendous investments of the international community worthless!

  12. How do the find terror tunnels? Watch how they use advanced technology to find and uncover tunnels. Video:

  13. 31 minutes ago
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  14. 2 hours ago

    WOW! TALK ABOUT SHIFTING SANDS! defends operation to expose and destroy ’s underground cross-border terror tunnels to attack Israeli civilians.

  15. Dec 3

    : on full alert in and , calling its forces to be ready for war if initiate an aggression on Lebanon. This measure came following Israel launching “Operation Northern Shield” to "destroy Hezbollah tunnels on the Israeli border."

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  16. Dec 6

    Amir will explain the current situation in northern Israel in light of the discovery of multiple cross-border and why the events were always a smoke screen for activity in the north. Tune in on Saturday at 20:00 time.

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  17. Dec 4

    : We have just launched Operation Northern Shield to expose and neutralize cross-border attack tunnels dug by from to Israel. Via

  18. 5 hours ago

    . IDF Wants UNIFIL to Neutralize Tunnels on Lebanese Side, [Here with UNIFL commander, Gen. Stefano Del Col]

  19. Dec 3

    You Will Regret Invading : Warns Israel ♦ Iran Syria on high alert as pro-ISIS AlQaeda US-Israel alliance threatens to attack Hezbollah

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  20. Foreign Ambassadors in Israel visiting the site of one of the terror tunnels which were exposed in Israeli territory.

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