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  1. Nov 13

    Have a look to militia act of terror mosque!! Worshipers of all ages go 5 times daily , Would this make the publish it in the 1st page? I wonder !!

  2. Nov 10
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  3. 3 hours ago

    Southern axis: The most pro-Coalition media Twitterish! and Facebook advance is in this axis! At the moment, Saudi Coalition is halted in south of Rabsah neighborhood and Al university. Thus maps released by Coalition media is either lie or wrong.

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  4. Nov 13

    Latest Updates on 13 November 2018; Latest Updates on Battle & Other Areas Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson said that from beginning of November in all fronts, 876 forces of Coalition are killed, 2150 injured & 311 vehicles destroyed.

  5. Nov 14

    Coalition Operation Halt in al City According to latest updates from local witnesses, due to international pressures, Saudi Coalition operation in al Hudaydah is halted temporarily.

  6. Nov 11

    Al-Thawra Hospital in , used to serve about 1500 ppl per day, is now almost inaccessible as the ground fighting is raging near the only referral public hospital in the city. Despite serious security threats, brave health workers are still working to save lives.

  7. Nov 12

    : The entrance to the Port of has been hit by airstrikes, but the port is still operational. The question is for how long. The situation in the city is getting closer to an end-game. Our weekly report:

  8. Nov 8

    -led Coalition forces advances west of Matahin square towards Mobile square. Heavy clashes continue around 22 May hospital and Coastal Defense Base.

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  9. Nov 9

    Breaking | May 22 Hospital in City Fell to Coalition Forces. Heavy clashes continue…

  10. Nov 11

    "Yet, the search for better employment opportunities is still at the top of Ameen’s priorities. He is especially worried about not being able to provide a future for his CHILDREN, WHO HAVE BEEN OUT OF SCHOOL since they left ". Fin good article from

  11. 3 hours ago

    I know it's a little early, but I'm sure the Saudi Wahhabi and UAE invaders would want all Americans to know how much their 'help' in the Yemen genocide is appreciated. Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast. Seconds, anyone?

  12. Nov 8
    Replying to

    All they talking about but all of them have business to war continuation in Yemen!

  13. 3 hours ago

    Northern axis: Coalition are along 50st, around 90st and around Saleh housing. In previous days Coalition broadcasted a clip which filmed from around Saleh housing toward port. From that point to Hudaydah port there is 5 km distance which is indicated in the map.

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  14. Nov 13

    is on the brink of famine and I’ve seen what that looks like first-hand,” says Salem, an aid worker helping deliver essential food assistance to 110,000 families in with our implementing partner .

  15. Nov 10

    Arab coalition forces in city captured the industrial area, Mayo hospital and northern outskirts of the airport

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  16. Nov 6

    - Government forces continue advances on southern and eastern front of the city - Clashes ongoing now around Al-Saleh buildings.

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  17. Nov 8

    "The battle for the port city of has intensified, as government forces backed by -led coalition air strikes advance on rebel positions."

  18. Tonight on , the lastest from as fighting intensifies. Air strikes from the Saudi led coalition, have nearly doubled in the first week of November, compared 2 last month. Reports suggest that 150 people have been killed in the last 24 hours in .

  19. 8 hours ago

    A tense truce holds in after calls for cessation of hostilities by UN Special Envoy & , but conflict is exacting a high tool on civilians. In 1st week of Nov, 92 civilian casualties, including 34 fatalities, were reported. More ▶️

  20. 3 hours ago

    Eastern axis: Coalition after capturing Matahin sq & 22nd May hospital, are halted near City Max. All the clips released by Coalition under title “Advance deep inside ” is around City Max & clips showing middle neighborhoods are recorded from top of 22nd may hospital.

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