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  2. Nov 13
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    I love what is doing. Bringing our tradition back to our children. is the best

  3. Nov 13
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    This is the biggest lie in biggest political game Where are the recordings? Why do not you publish? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. Nov 13

    Turkish President poses for photos with Turkish "journalists" aboard his plane on Monday. If we can call them journalists, because the real journalists are suffering in jail under the Erdogan's regime

  5. 12 hours ago

    Sise Bingöl, an 85-year-old woman who was arrested by the 's government and was returned to prison after an eight-day hospitalization, reportedly told her daughter during a weekly visit, “Get me out of here and take me to my village before I die.”

  6. 13 hours ago

    's Ministry of Justice announced that it will build 228 more prisons over the next five years - because Turkish prisons currently host 260,00 inmates, 40,00 more than the country’s capacity of 220,000. Turkey the larges jail in the world

  7. 15 hours ago

    is the biggest jailer of journalists in the world. The most recent figures documented by show that 239 journalists &media workers were in jail as of October 31, 2018, most in pretrial detention. Of those in prison 170 were under arrest pending trial

  8. Nov 12
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  9. 4 hours ago

    It is important to note these IDPs are Victims themselves, they were not Granted the Stolen homes of Citizens reserved for 's Proxies. They are also under threat by 's Jihadists factions & are Desperate. run would have helped them

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  10. Nov 12

    In Turkey you are not allowed to express your political thoughts on Social Media. 's government has taken legal action against 182 users over the last week on accusations of disseminating propaganda for alleged “terrorist organizations”

  11. Nov 11

    We demand to stop attacking the defenseless Kurds

  12. 2 hours ago
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    Keep on making noise on this of !!!

  13. Nov 12

    's long arms still operate in weak countries like Afghanistan. We call the international community not to allow Afghan-Turk schools to be politicized by Turkish Government.

  14. 12 hours ago

    57 inmates committed suicide in 2017 and 44 in 2018 within 's prisons in

  15. 9 hours ago

    Nazar Ali Yucel is in Yozgat Prison in Tukeey. He is about to die due to multiple health complications including hypertension, vertigo, bedridden, deafness, stroke. Cannot function by himself. Turkish authorities still keep him captive. 's Hell

  16. Nov 10
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    contradicts himself ..?

  17. 15 hours ago
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    The problem and the question is , why you are against the crown Prince , you playing for the other team right now for and the Muslim brotherhood , if the crown Prince isn't here they will control Saudi Arabia and the middle East !

  18. Nov 11

    Erdogan tapes ? Ok how’d he get those tapes ? Was he spying on the consulate? Oh wait so if he was , must’ve known the whole plot !!Then why didn’t he warn or stop it? , gets too much political gain out of this as if he plotted it !!

  19. 21 hours ago

    Journalist / writer Ali Ünal sentenced to 19.5 years in jail for "being a member of Gulen movement" keeps jailing journalists and writers.

  20. 17 hours ago

    is using murder to cover for his own sins. He has more journalists in prison than any other country.

  21. 20 hours ago

    Ali Ünal, a prominent author and columnist who wrote for daily, was sentenced to 19 years and six month in jail in a farce trial in . He has been critical of gov't and his articles were presented as evidence for terror.

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