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  1. Nov 12

    We are heartbroken but Lt.-Col. M's star will continue to shine bright, it will illuminate our road as we go forward in continued defence of Israel against those who have a vampiric thirst for our blood, against those whose raison d'être is our annihilation...

  2. Nov 6

    the law makes Jews superior in Israel and actually it makes an state. In Israel there are not only Jews and Muslims but also another minorities. For example . but such a law cannot be in a state

  3. Nov 11
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    believe he will reincarnate as we all do. BLESS

  4. Nov 12

    The death of Lieutenant Colonel M. killed in special Ops in shows how much owes the Druze community and the urgent need to meet them all the way to guarantee their needs for full equality protection.

  5. 19 hours ago

    Assad calls on the minority in Syria to support the army and do military service in a video released on social media

  6. Nov 13

    Lesson 101 in inclusivity and good governance: How to attract a minority's support? Ask its members to serve in an army involved in one of the bloodiest conflicts.

  7. 22 hours ago

    Interesting summary of various factions in Sweida such as Karama, the ndf, sheikh Hejri forces ...

  8. Nov 9

    The Myth of "Butcher Assad Protects Druze!" army transferred terrorists from to outskirts. army withdrew from facilitating attacking & kidnapping civilians. army claim victory for freeing hostages!

  9. Nov 11

    Nothing is going to change the fact that we love our brothers and sisters in . I hope a way will be found soon to let them feel more secure about it.

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  10. Nov 13

    To LTC M., name less hero in the public. THANK YOU SIR for your service, we want to say thank you to all heroes like you, who serving Israel with his life so that we can existing! So to remember all of you,420 who fell defending our land,we need to salute all

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  11. Nov 13

    The price of bringing to is giving a chance to kidnap some of them, later less security in the Suwayda city, was enough to scare them and solve their little resistance.

  12. Nov 13

    Syrian President meets with liberated hostages (photo)

  13. Nov 13

    We are all saddened by the loss of the brave officer who made the ultimate sacrifice for Israel. We also are thankful that the other officer was not also killed and wish him a speedy recovery & pray for both families.

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  14. Nov 12
  15. Nov 12

    Pres Rivlin "We lost one of best and bravest fighter and commander. He fell protecting citizens of " He lived values ​​on which he was raised: courage, devotion, daring and self-sacrifice. President hugged his children and said," Your father was hero, a superhero."

  16. Nov 12

    In community of Lieutenant Colonel M. killed in : "No one knew where he served and at what rank". "He did not like to brag, he did a lot for our society. Lieberman: "His contribution to national security will remain secret for many years to come" 😢

  17. Nov 12
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    I'm hearing that we've lost one of our brothers. We are devastated. Forever in our hearts, his courage & his love, that legacy, will continue to shine bright, to illuminate our road as we go fwd in continued defence of Israel and our never ending quest for peace...

  18. Nov 11

    needs to let the citizens of know we ❤️ them

  19. Nov 10

    the 'only democratic country in ME' 👈🤮attacked protesters from community in the occupied Golan Heights, Israel is pushing now to declare Occupied Golan heights Israeli .. world silent . Imagine if it was Iran Russia etc?

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  20. Nov 10

    : an exclusive footage of a special operation to free hostages from captivity of the ISIL terrorists not far from the US base special forces participate in the operation to free people, kidnapped on August, 25 in city

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