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  1. Syrian Army launches new attack against Daesh to aid Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor

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  3. Nov 13

    Members of the SDF's Military Council fighting ISIS in al-Baghuz Fawqani with two PKMs and... a catapult.

  4. 7 hours ago

    : -led in in Eastern took civilian tolls again! US warplanes targeted the town of on Thursday morning 15 were killed and a number of others were wounded, several of those injured are in critical conditions

  5. 5 hours ago

    The international coalition against targeted a village in the eastern part of provinces and dozens of civilians among casualties

  6. 2 hours ago

    : the Syrian Army clashed with -backed forces on eastern : SDF targeted the positions in and checkpoint with machine-gun fire from the town of the Kurdish forces had sent more gunmen & military hardware to E

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  7. Coalition targeted alShaafah town and the areas around in alBokamal countryside by many airstrikes , and killed 30 civilians and wounded dozens

  8. 5 hours ago

    Meanwhile US led Coalition continues its atrocities in E. area struggling to liberate completely E. from resisting Sunni population, 18 civilians were killed today only, inc. children in result of relentless indiscriminate bombardments of residential areas.

  9. Nov 6

    : 20,000 Hashd al-Shaabi () fighters are ready to enter and hunt the remaining pockets of ISIL terrorists if and strike a relevant agreement

  10. 2 hours ago

    A second today in province by airstrikes: 23 people mostly women and children murdered in towns of and .

  11. Nov 14

    accuses Coalition of using cluster munitions in Deir Ezzor

  12. Nov 14

    : rose to 38, including 25 children, women, the number of those killed by Int.l Coalition About 165 civilians killed by Int.l Coalition's bombardments within Daesh enclave in about 2 months half of whom were killed in 3 days

  13. 21 hours ago

    Zahra and Sham Saleh are victims of hundreds who were killed by the bombing of the US Air Force on hajeen village eastern of with no mention of it by the international community and media.

  14. Nov 14

    How noble from the with their double standards ⚠ : -led coalition warplanes using banned cluster bombs in residential areas in , claiming the lives of a number of

  15. +18 executed member of SDF by Impalement in eastern countryside

  16. Nov 13

    US-led airstrikes kill 35 people in : news agency - via

  17. Nov 10

    Reports: US-led coalition massacre in , on Thursday where warplanes killed 40, mostly women and children. Three weeks of air and artillery bombardment, mostly concentrated on civilian areas, has killed 100 civilians.

  18. Nov 14

    At least 60 civilians were martyred or injured in a new massacre carried out by warplanes of the “International Coalition” in al-Sha’afa village in eastern countryside.

  19. 9 hours ago

    The and forces W of , continue to fortify their positions and points in anticipation of counterattacks by ISIL terrorists 🚨 Violent clashes broke out between the & ISIL in the desert of village in the eastern CS of

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  20. Video watch it from al volcano huge smoke on terrorist Clashes counties & after recent rainfall in this regions s positions was under hard fire kicking ass by SE &

  21. 24 hours ago

    member Nader al-Falah was gunned down in Tayyani. Another person is wounded SE via

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