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  1. 21 hours ago

    Intense clashes in near the hospital that was captured yesterday. 1 daesh captured alive last night. At least 13 killed there & 5 of their positions destroyed. ✌🏼

  2. Dec 8
  3. Dec 7

    Good progress by SDF terrorists in . 30 terrorists killed last 24 hours & advancement on all fronts.

  4. Dec 6

    Heavy fighting again this morning on the frontlines held by &

  5. Dec 3
    Replying to and

    won’t bring the victims home, but there is a taste of sweetness here, albeit bitter...

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  7. Dec 3

    SDF is advancing on daesh slowly but surely. Daesh counter attack was thwarted & a VBIED taken out before it reached its goal.

  8. Dec 3

    Important: heroes just freed 100s of civilians on Hajin front while battle is raging.

  9. Dec 3

    Very heavy clashes between SDF heroes & daeshfilth NE Baghouz

  10. Dec 1

    : Civilians liberated from daesh are transported into safe areas

  11. Dec 1

    From dawn to dusk: through Op SHADER the is deployed to train and mentor Iraqi Security forces.

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