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  1. 8 hours ago

    Wait, what? US claims was created to 'protect people' from

  2. 14 minutes ago

    Kurdish militia chasing leader al-Baghdadi in eastern – reports

  3. Nov 8

    2 ringleaders killed in western Iraq

  4. Nov 13

    BREAKING: US-led coalition transfers terrorists from Syria's Hasakah, reports say

  5. Nov 8

    Russian Special Forces arrive in southern for offensive against

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  7. 43 minutes ago

    Mogadishu: IED from in wheelbarrow explodes at a carpark near a telecommunication company in Bakara market. Business companies have been under attack from militants who are trying to blackmail and extort money from them according to Somali intel officials.

  8. 11 hours ago

    Daesh is coming back: Recent attacks in Mosul should remind us that Daesh has regrouped despite losing most of its previously held territory. It may still have 30,000 fighters, mostly in Iraq.

  9. 23 hours ago

    OP-ED: The longer chaos reigns in the areas of liberated from , the more likely it is the militants will regroup and and its affiliated sectarian militias will move in to fill the vacuum, writes

  10. Nov 9

    [Graphic 18+] Several terrorists killed during Syrian Army's operation to liberate hostages

  11. Nov 14

    Syrian gov't accuses US Coalition of transporting leaders to safety

  12. Nov 13

    I have no Concern with it that who killed this SP...… but is not you are Pleasing your western Masters .... as every Afghan knows that is product.

  13. 6 hours ago

    Will remain the greatest threat to the UK for the foreseeable future? Dr Andrew Glazzard, Director of the National Security and Resilience Studies research group at , gives his expert thoughts in our fourth annual

  14. takes advantage of poor weather to retake ground in Al-Safa

  15. 2 hours ago

    Operation traffic in/out Jordan 1657z: RRR9953 ZA542 & RR9954 ZD848 Tornados for mission against targets in and , ZH865 RAF C130J for Shader support mission. CTM1037 FRADB A310 departing from mission RTB Paris

  16. Nov 9
    Replying to and

    I’ve just looked at the inquest on Monis & they conclude he was an inspired terrorist so sorry, I was wrong

  17. Nov 14

    Thank you to UK Amb & Iraqi Amb Al-Alawi for hosting an excellent briefing on accountability. Great news that the superb lawyer Karim Khan was appointed Head of UNITAD to investigate Daesh's crimes. Kosovo is proud to be part of the int'l anti-Daesh coalition.

  18. 21 hours ago

    US-led coalition warplanes target eastern Syrian towns with cluster bombs: Report Read more:

  19. Nov 14

    UK-Iraq briefing event on Investigative Team for Accountability of Great panel on indispensable role of international community & working with UNITAD: -Ali Younes -Tom Lynch UNITAD -Kathryne Bomberger -Guenael Mettraux

  20. Saudi jihadist commander stabbed to death in southern

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