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    Islamic State Target 3081373538 < Hacked.

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    Telegram propagandistic groups spread a guide based on how to make a Molotov

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    I’m going to address this false propaganda from personal experiences of living in north Syria for four years, including in Kobane where the “new” church has been operating.

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    His brother was murdered by terrorists. Now of Global Acts of Unity is touring schools talking about him to help tackle extremism. My next guest here on

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    Since is a country where can preemptively arrest a but not a suspected terrorist ! 😂

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    For the future stability and hope for a better future across the Middle East the two men below absolutely must win out against the West, its allies & diverse proxy armies in Syria.

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    has not entered yet, there is literally more than one km to the town. The alleged footages of Hajin shared by some Twitter experts/observers (!) are actually from Hawamah neighborhood which has become the first area to be captured from on the way to Hajin.

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    300 more civilians have been rescued from by the in Hajin overnight.

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  15. 👩🏻‍🏫 👨🏻‍🏫 The Criminal Profiling & Behavioral Analysis Research Group presented the 📑 “Impact of the audiovisual executions of in the processes of radicalization/recruitment according to the target audience.” 📝 Info:

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    Desert : Syrian Armed Forces Homeland Fortress Forces photos after they ambushed Three Vehicles in the desert. 1 Pick up truck and 2 Cars were destroyed. Up to 23 were killed.

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    Violent Clashes Tonight at the vicinity of as try to infiltrate towards the city.

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    South-East : / / free Hajin hospital from v

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    Damn on both of them! This loop of Terrorism and counter-terrorism, has just one sole victim: We Muslims!

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