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  1. 5 minutes ago

    Anyone looking for some new Podcasts I recommend giving a listen its in depth look into Isis and their fighters its brilliant if your into that kind of thing really easy listen as well.

  2. 15 minutes ago

    According to Ian Allen, the number of supporters in the continues to rise. Experts expect that the organization could use the momentum to proclaim a new .

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  3. 6 hours ago

    Seems government must make review & correction to all ambiguous laws or decisions regarding this group, so would make the police can act easily & people stop insulting each other🤨

  4. Nov 10
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    Do you want Sir?

  5. Nov 8

    Amazing podcast, listened to all 12 episodes in a day and just couldn’t drop it. Stunning insights

  6. Nov 10

    What a shame for the country that a person who was omly efucated in Islamic theology and fought for , became the education minister of a newly independent nation and later education day is celebrated after him. Says what's wrong abt education in India.

  7. Nov 11
  8. 18 hours ago

    It's Webinar Wednesday! Did you know the has been linked to since its founding? Learn how by registering NOW at Today's FREE live webinar begins at 12pm eastern - other times are available at the link!

  9. Nov 9

    been waiting for while to listen but I'm finally about to dive into ... Can't wait. Great journalism!

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  11. 23 hours ago

    [History] After -ist attacks in , the raises French flag in -i . Meanwhile, ( in ) backs the : [...] we are happy if a deviant sect successfully executes an operation against the [...]

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  12. Nov 13

    Free Webinar starting tomorrow: and the . MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND:

  13. Nov 13

    [History] In the issue #12 (Safar 1437, to December 12 2015) of (site of final victorious battle against -s according to -ic ) the publishes the picture of the bomb that has brought down flight

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  14. Nov 13

    [History] 2015 is the day of the first offensive victory against -ists of the . ( in -ish) city, is liberated by -ish forces, and from west, and fighters from east

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  15. Nov 12

    ANNOUNCING "WEBINAR WEDNESDAYS"! Visit for more information and to register for the next one! First up: the updated and the

  16. Nov 10

    battle is the last one for as a in a certain geographic spot. Isis are using huge numbers of and mines against , they have got news and . Picture of an SDF who lost his leg out of

  17. ’s sheds light on how ’s has been supporting the new Ottoman tv drama serial which is predicting the return of of - glorifying the ancient butcherers !

  18. The physical territory of the is gone, but IS' core ideology has already been implanted in countless young children. States must craft a comprehensive strategy for dealing with those children who will return to their parents’ countries of origin

  19. Nov 7

    travels in December 2013 to , where he joins . As , member of (security, secret service of the ), he is among the main organizers of the campaign against and between 2015 and 2016

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