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  1. YouGov latest polling data on ( letter in Times) (%,excl Don’tKnows) If choice is Remain v May’s deal: Remain wins 62-38. If choice is Remain v no-deal: Remain wins 57-43 In a 3-way choice: Remain 54 leaving with no deal 28 leaving with May’s deal 18

  2. 5 hours ago

    Millions died for our freedoms ... They didn't die to be ruled by the liked of Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk and if you disagree you must have a fucking screw loose !

  3. So got a an absolute kicking tonight. She made her pitch to the the EU leaders and they basically said no. Compare and contrast. Ugly.

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  4. People are getting fed up with this ridiculous blame game. Our country is turning into a laughing stock as our entire so called negotiations descend into farce. It’s time we faced up to reality the only way to sort out the mess is a

  5. This is the end of the road. There can be no fantasy renegotiation of the deal - not by , not by and not by anyone else. A is now our only option. Parliament must get on and deliver it.

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  7. RT if you think I should just fucking swim to Brussels and do it all meself?

  8. 6 minutes ago

    Remind me: did the EU kick us out or did we vote to leave?

  9. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words... 🇬🇧➡️

  10. If you read nothing else about all day ( and I would understand that after this week) read this....devastating but absolutely true....Brexit Britain: Small, boring and stupid – POLITICO

  11. 7 hours ago

    This uk union is not a partnership in any sense of the word. They are dictating and using dirty tricks to undermine Scottish wishes. It will cost them.

  12. Nigel Farage says people have enough of being threatened by Brussels - and has called for the PM to step aside.

  13. . should have saved her train fare to Brussels She was never going to get a major overhaul of her deal, let alone a brand spanking new one She must concede defeat and accept that a provides the only way out of this nightmare

  14. 15 minutes ago

    "Westminster Bridge" If you were protesting over the deadly austerity measures this Government has punished the poor vulnerable and disabled, i would say "well done" but seeing as its over sodding i won't There is more to life than Brexit and people are dying !

  15. A Hard would 'go a long way to bankrupt' Great Britain, says second referendum supporter Sir Richard Branson. The multi-billionaire says the PM should 'do what is right,' and tell the British public that 'we will be much worse off,' if we leave Europe.

  16. Have you got a sensible MP? Suggest this to them... It is time you and all the other sane MPs closely surrounded Mr Speaker, and prevented ALL further business until a free vote on whether to continue with or is taken. Take back control!

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  17. 6 hours ago

    Every day Labour front benchers make CLEAR Labour's position. Every day journos and FBPE idiots say "...but we don't know what Labour's position is" Here's daily clarification no 926

  18. 4 hours ago

    Make no mistake, in years to come this Tory govt will be viewed as toxic, & all those associated with it are ruining their own careers. You have to wonder how much longer before the DUP, and even some within the Tory party, realise this & end this farce.

  19. 6 hours ago

    : No visa but Brits will pay €7 to travel to EU countries

  20. 8 hours ago

    100 years ago today the Irish people democratically voted for the Irish Republic of 1916. This was the last time the Irish freely decided their will on the national question. Ever since they have only been offered British substitutes.

  21. If Britain doesn’t deliver on —if the American elites continue this assault and attempted coup against President Trump—it will become apparent that democracy is but an illusion, fostered by globalists. A full societal breakdown will follow. Chaos will ensue.

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