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    Chinese vice premier holds phone talks with U.S. trade chiefs

  3. 1 jam lalu

    Boy, 5, who was reported missing in LA found safe in San Diego area, police say

  4. 1 jam lalu

    A teenage terrorist arrested in as he prepared for an attack, has been jailed for a max 16 years.

  5. 2 jam lalu

    : Last Night Trump And Pence Were Pouring Over Chief Of Staff Resumes When Trump Had His VP Call Pizza Delivery But—Instead Of Giving Mike The Number For Papa John’s—Trump Gave The Number For An Escort Service, Leading To Mike Ordering A Large Hawaiian With Thick Crust.

  6. 2 jam lalu

    : NRA-linked alleged Russian agent agrees to plead guilty to conspiracy: report

  7. 3 jam lalu

    Interstate 40 near Galloway is backed up after a chase involving Lonoke County Sheriff’s Deputies ended in a car fire.

  8. 4 jam lalu

    : On this day that Human Rights is observed all around the world, regime in Iran has arrested more than 100 innocents for converting from to . The conversion from has death penalty. All religious minorities suffer in .

  9. 4 jam lalu

    : For 3rd time in history, has deployed Tu-160 Nuclear bombers to . Nikolay Kuznetsov & Vasiliy Reshetnikov arrived at Maiquetia airport, Caracas few hours ago as a part of 's show of force to the prior possible war with over

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  10. 4 jam lalu

    : Tyler PD is investigating a homicide on the intersection of Gaston and Barrett.

  11. 4 jam lalu

    : The injustices just keep piling up. Two people were convicted of murdering Tori Stafford. One ended up in a healing lodge and the other was transferred to a medium security facility - without even telling the family! SOURCE:

  12. 5 jam lalu

    : Aaron Trejo, 16, has been charged with one count of murder and one count of feticide in yesterday’s killing of pregnant 17-year-old Breana Rouhselang

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  13. 5 jam lalu

    Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Brighton Kemptown) has been ordered to leave the House of Commons for the day after picking up the ceremonial mace.

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  14. 5 jam lalu

    In response to a Chronicle investigation, the Texas prison system is going to start 3D printing dentures for inmates. And, remember that guy from the first story I did? Now he has teeth.

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  16. 6 jam lalu

    🇫🇷 announces new policy changes after widespread protests: 1. The monthly minimum wage will be raised by 100€ 2. Overtime pay and end of year bonuses will be exempt from taxes 3. Retirees earning less than 2,000€ per month will not be taxed

  17. 7 jam lalu

    French President Emmanuel Macron says protests stem from "40 years of malaise"

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  18. 7 jam lalu

    : Suspect Charged In Kidnapping, Rape & Murder of Hania Aguilar Now Linked To Separate Rape Case, DA Says -

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  19. 7 jam lalu

    : Today We Learn That, As Trump’s Wife Went Into Labor With Eric, Trump Called 911, Saying, “My Wife Is Pregnant And Her Contractions Are Two Minutes Apart,” To Which The Operator Asked, “Is This Her First Child?” And Then Trump Said, “No, Stupid, This Is Her Husband!!”

  20. 7 jam lalu

    : Ethics watchdog sues FBI over leaks to Giuliani

  21. 8 jam lalu

    Venezuela and Russia will hold joint air force exercises, says the defense minister of the sanctions-hit South American country

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