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    overnight in Orange County - flames consume a home on Oakwood Cove Ln. On scene now and still seeing smoke & firefighters. Watch for live reports beginning at 5 a.m. (Pic c/o )

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    : New threat to is being investigated by police and LAPD. Spokesperson tells me they haven't determined if threat is credible. When asked if classes will go on, "CSUN is not in the habit of bowing down to threats." More throughout the morning

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    : Khuwaja Saad Rafique and Salman Rafique taken into custody by NAB. Watch Live: Listen Live:

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    Iran confirms 'recent' missile test amid Western criticism: news agency

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    : Hamza Shahbaz Offloaded

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    Thai junta lifts ban on political campaigning ahead of 2019 election

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    It is very rare for the NSW planning department makes a recommendation AGAINST a new coal mine. Let’s hope it soon becomes the norm.

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    NCBN was spotted at puncture wala abdul's shop as one of the two cycle tyres are now puncture.

  12. : Meat is not oxygen. You can live without it. 🚨

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    Big next CM of out dear is already in touch with the MLAs

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    Five Marines missing in a midair crash off Japan’s Kochi Prefecture have been declared dead. Thier next of kin notified. Search and rescue operations failed to find the crew despite “every possible effort,” Marine Corps says. Investigation underway. Press release below.

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    After resigning as coach of 🇭🇰 Hong Kong we can reveal will be announced as the new head coach of an ambitious 🇯🇵 side in the coming days.

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    | quits PM's advisory council

  18. : : ATS Arrested 2 Suspected Khalistan Terrorist From Allegedly Carrying Weapons & Ammunition Suspects Were Involved In Khalistan Movement & Was In Touch With Khalistani Terrorist Of INDIA & PAKISTAN.

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    : The Chicago Bears can clinch the 2018 NFC North Title with a win this week vs Green Bay. 🐻⬇️

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