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  1. 8 hours ago

    Wait, what? US claims was created to 'protect people' from

  2. : For example, some have questioned the validity of 2014-15 claims - based, I should say on analysis since verified by regime allies - that was losing, by appearing to suggest that today's 2018 regime 'victory' disproves that such an assessment could have been accurate.

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  3. 16 minutes ago

    Eagerly awaiting ’s book on and the regime. Sam has a way of painting even the most repugnant subjects in a graceful manner. :

  4. 21 hours ago

    . He is their biggest oil buying customer. Google it

  5. 6 hours ago

    Syrian revolution will never S.Paolo and all great he did before he was killed by forces

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  7. Nov 13

    Chilling student Anas Ali Al-Shaghri at the Tishreen University Faculty of Economics born in 1988 forcibly disappeared by the regime in May 2011 for participating in peaceful uprising against dictatorship+still missing - almost 100,000 "disappeared" to date

  8. 8 hours ago
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    The Boxer Rebellion was the first time UK “filmed the war in China” in another country to show propaganda short films to gain UK public support for the allied invasion of China.After 120 years the propaganda movies are now BBC documentaries.

  9. 26 minutes ago

    Messiah warns "Hatred has arisen for America in these countries; and Americans are like the birds that are fleeing from that part of the world,…

  10. Nov 13

    The Arab Western puppets have now realised that Assad is there to stay and they are making reparations.🤣🤣

  11. Nov 14

    Spectre of 's Law No 10 rises over as refused permission to return to their homes - reminder since 2011 the /n regime has killed and wounded more Palestinians than (and tortured to death in ways Israelis would never dare!?)

  12. 1 hour ago

    Listening to Q&A w at after watching her film "'s Disappeared" on war crimes of torture & killing of detainees If you get a chance, see it. And then ask for justice.

  13. 14 hours ago

    I definitely agree with tough questions but grilling on ’s chemical weapon use doesn’t make sense. Iran is 1 of the greatest victims of CW in human history and privately, if not publicly, would not condone it. Also, they don’t dissolve reporters

  14. 21 hours ago

    probably reuses them on his own people that do not support him

  15. 23 hours ago
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    Did you see this from CAFOD they've got their feet slightly more on the ground. Truth is I see no safe way for to return and why would there be has done nothing to show he's changed his ways in a any way shape or form,

  16. 21 hours ago

    It's amazing how 's curse works brilliantly. Gazans celebrating Lieberman's resignation ,burning his picture

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  17. 2 hours ago

    Internationalism: Kim Jong-un Wishes Success Against 'Hostile Forces'

  18. 5 hours ago

    : World remains indifferent to and 's violence against Syrians who want rights. Impatiently the world waits to declare "peace".

  19. 10 hours ago
  20. 20 hours ago

    : talks about future attacks against the regime.

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  21. 22 hours ago

    Almost 8 years of unprecedented attack on sovereignty of . The obvious is exposed very clearly:Syrians stood by the Syrian govt and president , while the US attempt for "regime change"have created another monster called to terrorise and the World.

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