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  1. 10 hours ago

    positions in north of and border areas are under heavy bombing and it is predictable that engagements become more severe in future days.

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  2. Nov 10
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  3. Nov 12
    Replying to and

    Karen, anything you say against the radical regime and the genocidal will have you trolled here. The facts are that (the actual name of the political party) have offered 4 peace initiatives in writing to the Saudis which were rejected.

  4. Nov 8

    Repulsing of the several Coalition attacks in south of 16 km by and the forces heavy losses around al

  5. Nov 12
    Replying to

    The “coalition” with the support of , & couldn’t win this war and never will. & for those saying the Houthis are in charge, educate yourselves, Houthis are a family, the political party is . The fighters are the “people’s army” made up of the population.

  6. Nov 7
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  7. Video / 4m area out side of city of showing us how they targeting the invaders of 40 ArabNato countries &al saud al wahhabiz +it,s mercenaries

  8. Nov 13

    By placing a bomb along their path killed 20 terrorists in

  9. 10 hours ago

    Latest Updates on 14 November 2018; Latest Updates on Frontlines operation in regions Sha’b Bart, Fatem mountain and Hurayb Qaramish in Sarwah axis against Coalition troops.

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  10. Nov 13

    The strong and unique ambush of against the -led Coalition Forces in western coast and high number of Coalition casualties.

  11. Nov 12

    I’m quoted in this ⁦⁩ report from ⁦⁩ that looks at the implications of designating ’s movement known as as a organization ⁦

  12. Video prt1 Force kicked hard in the ass of al saud & it,s slave mercenaries w 100 % full American armour-machinery in s area & the says they cut off the supply line of the invaders

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  13. Nov 10
  14. Nov 9

    planea designar como “grupo terrorista” a de Información Completa:

  15. Nov 9

    New Map | Western Coast Military Situation cut the Coalition logistic road in multiple points in western coast. HD Map:

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  16. Nov 9

    دعا برای نیروهای یمن در یادتون نره Please pray for in یجب ان نصلی من اجل اخوتنا فی

  17. Nov 9
  18. Nov 8

    🇱🇧 Recherché par la justice libanaise, le chef de a quitté le camp de Miyé w Miyé pour se rendre en . À bord d’un des véhicules, se trouvait le responsable de l’unité de coordination du .

  19. Video 1 The bodies of al Saudi army& it,s mercenaries +40 countries filled out all over mountains! As I said Al saud Al Wahhabiz ll never win war against force who fight like a hero not like a coward like al BUTCHERS of Innocent

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  20. Nov 8

    Images of 's attack on the Coalition forces in the Al-Jaah suburbs in western coast.

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