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  1. Nov 10

    Tonight a teenage son of a good friend of mine asked me if I thought "The human race would become extinct in my lifetime?"

  2. Breaking: Jihadist rebels launch attack on city

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  4. 7 hours ago

    : Opposition National Liberation Front carried out a retaliatory raid on a Regime position in Rashidin killing all the soldiers manning it.

  5. 40 minutes ago

    Students Demonstrate at the University of Against the U.S. illegal Presence in

  6. 18 hours ago

    day 43: back from home (Tokyo) to my new home ()

  7. 5 hours ago

    📷 A number of opposition sources claim rebels have captured Orion drone over Southern

  8. Very useful thread that helps understand how Syrian ressources like olive oil fell into Turkish hands as it occupies the northern part of the country with, as a consequence a huge increase of prices for regular people of

  9. 2 hours ago

    can use imagery to observe how electricity infrastructure can be used as a weapon of war - demonstrated by images of in over the course of the civil war.

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  10. Nov 13
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    Iran is more criminal ...their war crimes in and Iraq will never be forgotten and who knows what they do to dissents !

  11. 1 hour ago

    Spox Naji Mustafa: military operation carried out against the regime in al- West killed and wounded a number of elements and destroyed the site completely

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  12. field commander Abu Ubayda al Jazrawi was stabbed to death by unidentified attackers in southern .

  13. Nov 13
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    They don’t get it? That’s too bad. Now we lead history.

  14. 23 hours ago

    : the and allied forces sending reinforcements towards Tall Rifat and : ℹ Menagh Military Air Base is a Syrian Air Force installation located 6 kms (3.7 mi) south of Azaz, :: it seems air strikes will follow by the SyAAF

  15. Nov 13

    Aleppo has been won and lost by a succession of empires over the decades. That it still stands today, is a testament to the richness of its past and the resilience of its people. 🎥:

  16. 21 hours ago

    Head of the Reconciliation Center in ,Over the past 24 Hours Military carried out a Mission in Rayan, Province,delivered 450 Food Sets and a Tonne of fresh bread to the local ,Tass-News,.

  17. Nov 14

    Turkish-backed rebels caught trying to smuggle hashish in ambulances

  18. Nov 14

    Western countryside DETAINEES FIRST

  19. Nov 11

    Civilian Causalities after militant groups targeted the Minyan area west of Aleppo with missiles.

  20. 7 hours ago

    n complaints about 's inability to separate from other rebel units is a pretext to launch attacks on , & parts of , meanwhile IRGC complained that TSK 'special ops' targeted IRGC elements in an undisclosed operation in north-west .

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