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  1. Nov 15

    Report on the Most Notable Cases of Arbitrary Arrest and Enforced Disappearance in Syria by

  2. Nov 10
  3. Nov 15
  4. Nov 13
  5. Nov 13

    Prolonged Standing and Deprivation of Sleep, a method used in detention centers

  6. Nov 12

    Al Salb, a torture method used in Syrian regime detention centers

  7. Father Paolo Dall'Oglio A Jesuit Italian priest, born in 1954, he was arrested by ISIS gunmen on Monday, July 29, 2013, in Raqqa city. His fate remains unknown.

  8. Nov 11
  9. Nov 10
  10. Razan Zaitouna Lawyer and human rights activist, director of the Violations Documentation Center in Syria. Born in 1977, she is from Douma city, eastern Damascus suburbs governorate.

  11. Nov 9
  12. Islam Kheiro al Dabbas An activist in the popular uprising, student of architecture, from Darayya city, western Damascus suburbs governorate, born in 1989. He was arrested by Syrian regime forces on Friday, July 22, 2011.

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