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  2. Nov 8

    The Polish Centre for International Aid will build 500 temporary houses for refugees in , . The project is financed by the Polish Government.

  3. It is only two minutes to explain what happened in my city ( ) We have lived through many of these difficult situations that we expected to be the end of the road In many cases we lost hope and thought of giving up. But we are still alive.. By :- Gabriel chaim

  4. Nov 8

    At least 5 people killed and 9 others wounded in a car bomb attack in front of a restaurant in .

  5. 5 hours ago

    I want this! Photo: Saad Hadi

  6. Nov 8

    7 Killed dead and 20 wounded a car bomb attack outside a restaurant in , .

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  7. 2 hours ago

    Iraq -Clearance teams work tirelessly to remove left behind by the . In less than a year, they have located and destroyed more than 33,000 explosive hazards in 's old city. Read more here:

  8. Nov 6

    The forgotten city :(

  9. Nov 10

    Amazing. A concert near the building in where ISIS threw people to their deaths.

  10. 12 hours ago

    Head of the advisory team for rebuilding said German organization plans to build a large gospital in . The project is due for completion by April 2019.

  11. Nov 3

    You don't hear much about any more. Can you believe former are being recruited by Iraqi militia? That's going to work out . . . not. Go to bio for link to blog.

  12. Nov 10
  13. Nov 10
    Replying to

    Forces never understand what war affected people feel and how they live. Forces just want to win.

  14. The number of attacks in has dramatically fallen since gov't forces retook . Yet is not wholly defeated, & civilians face the brunt of continued guerrilla violence. ACLED examines the current state of the threat:

  15. A car bomb targeted western yesterday, this comes in the context of continued ISIS threats in Iraq, continued strikes on ISIS targets near Kirkuk and Tal Afar last month; here is our report

  16. Nov 6

    It's incredible to witness cultural revival in and see people enjoying the freedoms that denied them, but it's important that these initiatives are not mistakenly taken as signs that all is well - many parts of the city still lie in ruin.

  17. Nov 8

    How long will we remain living with the terrorist bombings? How long will we remaining under the authority of the corrupt? How long will we live in backwardness, ignorance, fear, extremism,corruption ,jobless, rubble of government buildings and citizens' homes?

  18. Nov 8

    Good morning from Mosul

  19. Nov 8

    A car bomb exploded near a restaurant in western on Thursday evening, Ministry of Defence spokesperson confirmed. Reports from social media users in indicate there are a number of casualties from the explosion that hit near Abu Layla restaurant.

  20. Nov 8
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  21. 7 hours ago

    In citizens who lost everything when their city was destroyed have been forced to wait hours and sometimes days to get identification cards due to and lack of staff

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