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    s/o was from Madarasatul Elihi "Gulzar Colony" 80 days has been passed still parents has been suffering of Pakistan and karachi has to take notice Additional IG has to taranfer investigation to

  3. 4 hours ago

    If you missed our conversation with about his new book : of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires. Listen to it here—

  4. Nov 13


  5. 4 hours ago

    Service with colleagues and students. said that “those who do not thank people, they do not thank God.” Let us thank for His blessings by thanking those people who deliver those blessings to us.

  6. 12 hours ago

    Prophet (pbuh) said: "He who takes care of an and me will be like this in Paradise, and he raised his forefinger and middle finger by way of illustration." by Hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari

  7. Nov 13
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    The best are those who are most beneficial to other people . The Prophet

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    Bless, O , and his people as Thou didst bless Abraham and his people. Thou art indeed Praiseworthy, the Exalted Prosper, O Allah, Muhammad and his people as Thou didst prosper Abraham and his people. Thou art indeed Praiseworthy, the Exalted.

  9. Nov 13

    He defended men’s, women’s and children rights He commanded and fostered the love between relatives and neighbors

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  10. Nov 12

    😇😇 is the most common first name in the entire world.

  11. Nov 12

    My Name is Tahir Amin.

  12. Nov 12

    Casual Embroidery Muslim Polyester Robe for Boys

  13. Nov 12

    1. Up to the age of forty, was not known as a statesman, a preacher or an orator.  He was never seen discussing the principles of metaphysics, ethics, law, politics, economics or sociology.

  14. Nov 12
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    Prophet (PBUH) ; "He who marries a women solely for her beauty will not find anything he likes in her, He who marries for her wealth will be deprived of it as soon as he marries her, So look to marry a women of faith." -

  15. 7 hours ago

    🎦 [77] Explanation by | Act According to Prophet's Sunnah Ayatollah Khamenei explains a hadith of (S) where the Prophet advises (A) to follow his Sunnah. The Prophet (S) highlighted three essential ingredients of his .

  16. 6 hours ago

    You are all invited to the world most biggest gathering & 35th annual of the Maulid of the on the night of 11th & 12th at arranged by

  17. 22 hours ago

    Who is , peace be upon him Pray? He is the one who defended the rights of all humanity 1400 years ago

  18. Nov 13

    Luxury Tassel Women's PU Leather Shoulder Bag

  19. Nov 13

    ﷺ taught us that men and women are equal in the sight of swt and that no one person is better then another except in respect to his or her piety and devotion to Creator. No in

  20. Nov 12

    I bring blessings upon you, (O Muhammad), so that the breeze of nearness (to God) may increase. Since, with nearness of the Whole, all parts are allowed to approach - Rumi

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