Ayman Ibrahim


Associate Professor of Islamic Studies . Director . Post-Doctoral Candidate of Middle Eastern & Muslim History.

Joined November 2009


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    25 Jul 2015

    When an Egyptian engineer marries a Texan artist, life becomes analytically beautiful & sophisticatedly pretty in an EgyTexan way. LoveWifey

  2. Dec 11

    Today we discussed the severe dispute between the Meccan and Medinan over Muhammad’s successor on the day of ’s death at Saqifat Bani Sa’ida. Why did Abu Bakr—and not —become the first (successor)? What do Sunnis/Shiites say?

  3. Dec 11

    Soo impressed with the quality of our students . Today we read classical Muslim accounts, interacted with and non-Muslim modern/contemporary studies--all focusing on 's life and raids! Great discussions, deep & critical evaluation!

  4. Dec 11

    Today in our "History & Religion of " course, we examine the last 10 years of 's life and his role(s) in his community. How do and non-Muslims interpret his expeditions and raids? Were they political, religious, or what? Come study

  5. Dec 10

    We offer it online every year. Or come study among us the entire course for a week in winter or summer. Better: move to Louisville and get your degree here and join our activities. Thanks for asking Treston.

  6. Dec 10

    Today we study 2 important studies on : Crone’s What do we actually know about ? And Donner’s Muhammad and the Believers at the origins of . We compare their findings with the earliest Muslim historical accounts. This is exciting!

  7. Dec 9
  8. Dec 9

    Tomorrow we ask: How should Christians approach and ? What are the major scholarly approaches to history? What are the major textual challenges/problems in Islamic historical accounts?

  9. Dec 9

    Tomorrow I begin teaching "History and Religion of " for a week . One of my favorite courses. Look forward to meeting my students daily (8a-5p) to study 's life & his successors (), from origins to today's . Come study .

  10. Dec 7

    A marvelous day . President Mohler speaks to our graduates and their loved ones.

  11. Dec 7

    This is Day and we have 212 new graduates! This number exceeds the total enrollment of some seminaries in the States. Speaks volumes of the vision and mission of this institution. What’s taking place here at Southern Seminary is truly remarkable

  12. Dec 6

    He will be missed. A very kind and thoughtful man. Keith Small, scholar of , went to be with the Lord.

  13. Dec 6

    Indeed, excellent choice for my top song for #2018

  14. Dec 2

    So we are putting up decorations. I am responsible for tearing the tape and handing it to Wifey. After a few minutes, Wifey laughs really hard. Me: why are you laughing, honey? She: You are so slow. Both cracking up! I began tweeting, and she finished both jobs.

  15. Dec 1

    As PhD holders, we always argue to win. That’s part of what our training requires and entails. But sometimes we win a debate & lose a friend; win an argument & end a relationship. I don’t want this to be my case. Help me, God.

  16. Nov 30

    I miss you! We miss you! (Psalm 137:5) ירושלים של זהב ושל נחושת ושל אור הלא לכל שירייך אני כינור Yerushalayim shel zahav Ve-shel nehoshet ve-shel or Ha-lo le-khol shirayikh Ani kinnor

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    Nov 27
  18. Nov 27

    Look forward to it. Thanks for the invitation.

  19. Nov 22

    Wifey’s baking her Memaw’s Jailhouse rolls. Even her tea towel reflects a unique taste. We’re getting ready to celebrate with dear friends, as we remember the gracious favor of God upon us all. y’all ;)

  20. Nov 21

    Today I feel incredibly thankful for Southern Seminary supporting my participation at & in Denver. This generosity made it possible for me & many other professors to engage current scholarly discussions. THANKS, SBTS

  21. Nov 19

    I am fascinated (and somewhat shocked) as I read statements by Ibn al-Rāwandī (died ca. 911) and Abū al-ᶜAlā’ al-Maᶜarrī (died 1058) on and religion in general. of did not begin in modern era. It definitely did not emerge by Western scholars.


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