Dr. Abdel Aziz Abu Hamad Aluwaisheg Assistant Secretary-General for Political & Negotiation Affairs. Gulf Cooperation Council. Tweets are my personal views.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Joined June 2009


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  1. Nov 27

    Commentary on the terrorist attack last week in Kabul targeting a religious gathering to observe the Prophet's birthday. The attack is believed to be the work of Daesh followers.

  2. Nov 19

    Important news item in several respects.

  3. Nov 19

    You are very kind, Sigurd. Many thanks!

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  4. Nov 15

    Daesh still has about 30,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, mostly the former. Failure to stabilize liberated areas has given them safe havens. The GoI and outside donors/investors are not given priority to reconstruction in liberated areas. Result: Daesh is safe for now.

  5. Nov 14

    Daesh is coming back: Recent attacks in Mosul should remind us that Daesh has regrouped despite losing most of its previously held territory. It may still have 30,000 fighters, mostly in Iraq.

  6. Nov 7

    Weeks after Khashoggi’s death, and despite Saudi official condemnation of the crime, many online detractors still think it was OK to silence him b/c they object to his views. Unlike in the US, there is no tradition in our region of protecting speech regardless of its content.

  7. Nov 6

    Different views of freedom of speech at the heart of Khashoggi debates. Mainly the difference between the American absolute, content-neutral, idea of free speech and a relativist concept in the Middle East.

  8. Oct 30

    As Saudi Arabia has started a review of its security organizations, the US could help by sharing its experience with spy agencies going astray and the measures it took to discipline them and fix the laws that govern them and their rules of engagement.

  9. Oct 30

    As the US is interested in a speedy, transparent and robust investigation into the Khashoggi murder, it should closely engage with Saudi Arabia. Such involvement could help enhance credibility of the investigation.

  10. Oct 25

    Important development in the Khashoggi investigation. Saudi Arabia's Public Prosecutor: Information received from Turkey indicates that suspects acted with "premeditated intention". Arabic: English:

  11. Oct 22

    Remembering Jamal Khasoggi: Freedom of expression was my friend Jamal’s defining principle

  12. Oct 22

    Great photos. Thanks! I grew up not far from Edge of the World, but it is still a thrill to go there.

  13. Oct 18

    Focus for Yemen's new prime minister, should be the economy. I call on him in this piece to initiate a call for a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Yemen’s recovery, stabilization and reconstruction.

  14. Oct 16

    New PM should initiate a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Yemen’s recovery

  15. Oct 16

    Yesterday, President Hadi dismissed PM Ben Dagher, citing his government's failure to deal with the deteriorating economy and collapsing riyal. His unusually harsh words betrayed Hadi's anxiety about how the economy reflects on his presidency and how it is used by his enemies.

  16. Oct 8

    The safeguards Saudi Arabia's National Cybersecurity Authority announced yesterday are a step in the right direction to guide Saudi defenses against cyber attacks, whether from cyber criminals or rogue states.

  17. Oct 1

    Does MESA or Arab Nato have a chance of succeeding soon? In this piece, I argue that it does, but 16 months after it was announced, it may need some tweaking to make it happen faster.

  18. Sep 29

    On the Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA), the Secretary and the foreign ministers had "productive discussions" on establishing the alliance, "anchored by a united GCC", with the goal of advancing "advance prosperity, security, and stability in the region."

  19. Sep 29

    On Iran, the ministers agreed to work on "stopping Iran’s malign activity in the region". "All participants agreed on the need to confront threats from Iran."

  20. Sep 29

    The ministers discussed: 1. confronting Iran's destabilizing activities. 2. defeating ISIS and other terrorist groups. 3. bringing peace and stability to Syria and Yemen 4. ensuring a thriving and inclusive Iraq.


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