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  1. In Guatemala, an man got his stolen ancestral lands back. Having a is a ( Art.10). Watch his example.

  2. How safe is your online? Learn about your to privacy in the age. Discover why states & private companies must be more transparent about how they manage our personal data:

  3. The right to fair trial has been accepted by every country (even those that do not honour it). But what is a fair trial, and why do some countries try to undermine it? Read about the right to a fair trial in Article 10:

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    More than 2,000 participants from government, businesses and civil society will assess what companies are doing in practice to respect at the global Forum in Geneva from 26 to 28 November. Learn more:

  5. A young Afghan girl started a new life with better opportunities in Serbia. Watch this inspiring story about the to of ( Art. 13).

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    Nawal is dedicated to improve living conditions in her village

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    Nov 15

    Time to support & empower survivors. Time to spark a global conversation. Time to !

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    Nov 13

    Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of state that Everyone has the right to a nationality. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality. See the full :

    , , and 6 others
  9. Nov 18

    No one can be kept in without a reason. Authorities should only detain people following clear, public procedures: detention must be appropriate, predictable, proportionate, necessary & based on . Article 9:

  10. Nov 18

    We join in honouring the memory of road traffic victims. Road safety is a human rights issue - it's about being able to move around safely, and enjoy safe public services including transportation infrastructure.

  11. Nov 18

    From persecution to peace. Learn how a victim of torture & her mother realized their to asylum ( Art. 14) when they started a new life in Senegal.

  12. Nov 17

    . and has donated 657K USD to support our Office's work. .

  13. Nov 17

    is not just about crime & punishment. Fair trials and due process are vital components of the concept, and so is the provision of effective remedies for injustice & rights violations. Learn more about Article 8:

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    : UN expert says more could be done to combat , shrinking civic space and to help . Learn more:

  15. Nov 17

    , & the rule of law go hand-in-hand. When one is weakened, the rest are endangered. Parliaments must safeguard these universal values now more than ever. Learn what can be done. Register for the :

  16. Nov 17

    Luis overcame his fear to speak out about LGBTI rights in Guatemala. Watch this inspiring story about freedom of expression (Art. 19). Discover how helps to improve ppl's daily lives worldwide in our video series leading up to 10 Dec, Human Rights Day

  17. Nov 16

    Arab world seeing more repression and reprisals against NGOs and journalists. delivers keynote reflections to Arab human rights defenders meeting in Tunis. Video Text

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    Nov 16

    On Friday's , 5 came to UNHQ to use their music & art to combat hate speech, counter xenophobia & extremism and advance the .

  19. Nov 16

    Article 7 says the law is the same for everyone & bans discrimination. The principle of equality applies not just to govts. must also be addressed in the workplace, school & home in practice as well as in law. 📑

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