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  1. 29 minutes ago

    Press Release - Profiles of the Missing: Call for Coordinated Action To Address Issue of Missing Persons from the Syrian Conflict:

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    14 hours ago

    Honoured to support this crucial initiative. Thank you and for your patronage and initiative. Together for and

  3. 14 hours ago

    Mazen Darwish ,SCM, closing remarks “Profiles of the Missing”, “We are speaking of something that touches every family in Syria. There isn’t a single family in Syria that doesn’t have a missing or a loved one. It’s a catastrophe affecting 23 million people.”

  4. 14 hours ago

    Director-General Kathryne Bomberger concludes the Berlin Profiles of the Missing: “ICMP is an intergovernmental organization so we act as a bridge between families of the missing and governments themselves, to ensure respect for the rights of all families of the missing.”

  5. 15 hours ago

    Syrian lawyer Noura Ghazi, co-founder of Families for Freedom, speaks at “Profiles of the Missing”: “We don’t have many options; we have to struggle for justice. We cannot give up.”

  6. 15 hours ago

    Kotaiba Al-Mashaan, a member of the Caesar Families, speaks at “Profiles of the Missing”: “The public must put pressure on governments to look at the Syria issue as an issue of genocide.”

  7. 15 hours ago

    Wafa Mustafa of Families for Freedom speaks at “Profiles of the Missing": “I ask for a platform, a chance and time to speak up, to achieve solidarity."

  8. 15 hours ago

    Munira Subašić, President of the Association Mothers of Srebrenica, speaks at “Profiles of the Missing”: “We can’t build the future without truth and justice and the truth is that the accountable should be held accountable.”

  9. 15 hours ago

    Patrick Kroker of the ECCHR in Berlin, speaks at “Profiles of the Missing": “Every person who disappears has a family. Through this work being led by civil society, justice isn’t just something technical.”

  10. 15 hours ago

    Syrian lawyer Noura Ghazi, co-founder of Families for Freedom, at “Profiles of the Missing": "Detention in Syria is a kind of kidnapping – it’s not an arrest: There is no “why” or “who” so, families and detainees have no information.”

  11. Retweeted
    16 hours ago

    International Commission on Missing Persons discussion in Berlin now said: My son & my husband have vanished, I know nothing about them since they were arrested in 2012. where are they? What happened to them? We want our right to know!"

  12. 16 hours ago

    Panel Moderator Yousef Wehbe of the Syrian Center for Media & Freedom of Expression introduces the eight panelists at “Profiles of the Missing”.

  13. 16 hours ago

    Munira Subašić, of Mothers of Srebrenica &, at “Profiles of the Missing”:“We learned that we worked more effectively when we worked together, so to the mothers of Syria I say, you have to work together. Only that way, will you succeed.”

  14. Retweeted
    16 hours ago

    International Commission on Missing Persons has organized “Profiles of Missing” discussion At in Berlin now: a co-founder of FFF said "Reconstruction can’t happen without answers. won’t be rebuilt on our sons' graves."

  15. 16 hours ago

    Rudiger Konig of the German Federal Foreign Office speaks at “Profiles of the Missing": ICMP’s work to account for the missing “plays an important role in bringing about peace and justice.”

  16. 16 hours ago

    Watch live the Profiles of the Missing: Syria Effective Responses happening now at the EU Commission in Berlin morning on this link:

  17. 16 hours ago

    Michelle Jarvis, Deputy Head of the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism at "Profiles of the Missing": “We can’t fail to see the connections between accountability and the search for missing persons.”

  18. 16 hours ago

    Fadwa Mahmoud, co-founder of Families for Freedom, at “Profiles of the Missing”: “We want action – how can the world help. The reconstruction of Syria is important but some things of the greatest value may be buried under the ground.”

  19. 16 hours ago

    Mazen Darwish-Syrian Center for Media & Freedom of Expression at “Profiles of the Missing”: “We are with every family member waiting for the return of their loved ones. We are for a lasting peace; we are on the side of human dignity, to find justice, not vengeance.”

  20. 16 hours ago

    ICMP Commissioner Her Majesty Queen Noor at Profiles of the Missing: "In post-conflict societies, large numbers of missing persons mean that tens of thousands of people cannot move forward with the critical process of recovery, reconstruction and reconciliation."


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