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    Oct 22

    We’re proud to officially unveil - the world’s first ever commercial Matrix hosting provider!! 🍾🎉🎊 If you’ve been craving a dedicated homeserver for your 50+ person org (personal servers coming soon), then we've got you covered!

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    Nov 9

    This Week in Matrix is out now! This week we get a sneak look at an upcoming new version of the matrix-android-sdk, see new work on the async Python SDK, bridging improvements for discord and slack, and more!

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    Nov 2

    Check out a UX Preview of upcoming security features that lay the path to enabling encryption by default!

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    Oct 29

    We're excited to announce that we've incorporated The Foundation: providing a formal, independent, non-profit, neutral custodian for the Matrix standard for decades to come!! We're still bootstrapping the governance; see for details

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    Oct 26

    Hey ! We're here at the Science Fair on the 6th floor. Come talk about decentralisation, Matrix, chat, IoT, 60s tech meeting 2018 tech, security, privacy and more!

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    Oct 22

    Really nice offering. Get your own (full managed) server for just $1.50 per month and per active user.

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    Oct 24

    Here's another screenie because this is starting to look soooooo nice :D

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    Oct 19

    This Week in Matrix: progress on the Riot/Web redesign and E2E UX nirvana; updates from Quaternion, Slack bridge 0.2, maubot, Raiden and more!

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    Oct 17

    Next up in the series: Learn about and how open standards and a decentralized host architecture can enable friction-less communication between humans, bots & machines—regardless of the client software that is used!

  10. Oct 16
  11. Oct 16
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    Oct 13

    This is a night and day difference in loading time and RAM usage. In Chrome it went from 1.3GB and 2.5 minutes to settling and being usable, to 370MB and 15 seconds!!! The iOS app got this recently too and it makes starting the app from cold super usable. Great work !

  13. Oct 12

    As one of the longest standing members of the team Calix normally works remote, but today he came to visit. Judging by the twinkle in his eye, he’s currently having a think about how editable messages in Riot could work.

  14. Oct 12

    IT IS COMING! Calling all testers: Riot Web 0.17 is *ready to preview* on now! Faster startup, 3-5x less RAM & composer fixes! TESTERS: Please pay particular attention this time to the composer and the members list! 🐛🔍👀 Thanks!

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    Oct 11

    Guest blog from : learn about their new Matrix bot, and how it helps newcomers to the project

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    Oct 4

    Hey ho, let's go, Synapse 0.33.6 just landed. Heaps of federation bug fixes to improve on reliability and latency.

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    Oct 3

    Planned maintenance window for . 2018-10-04 10:00 - 11:00 UTC with no more than 30 mins expected downtime. For updates see

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    Sep 28

    This Week In Matrix: we hear all about Florian Jacob's masters thesis on Matrix ( ), Matrix on Hyperboria, IRC & Slack bridge updates, Riot lazy loading launch, Fractal progress, Spectral drop shadows and more!

  19. Sep 25

    Epic design session on the Mobile redesign... (finally making progress after lots of delays whilst we fixed performance issues)

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    Sep 24

    Synapse is here, bug fixes galore also contains our py3 beta, we are seeing 2-3x improvement in RAM usage, see the blog for more We are also on PyPI now


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