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  1. Sep 9

    NEW MAP: Military situation in and Governorates ( area). HD-map:

  2. Aug 31

    Syrian War Report – August 31, 2018: /n Navy To Hold Large Drills Near via

  3. Aug 31

    NEW MAP: Military situation in N- and S- . Its quite likely will flank "rebel" held province to the North - in E- and S- Governorates (off map) - in order to lay siege on this heavily fortified area. HD:

  4. Aug 28

    NEW MAP: Military situation in E- , NW- ( plain) and provinces. HD-map:

  5. Aug 28

    Syrian War Report – August 28, 2018: Creates Strike Force To Attack via

  6. Aug 22

    /n War Report – August 22, 2018: , , Send New Threats To Government via

  7. Aug 11

    /n Military Campaign in 2015-2018 via

  8. Aug 9

    NEW MAP: Military situation in northwestern . Acc. to Maj. Gen. Tsygankov, (head of the /n center for reconciliation), Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Al-, the Syrian branch of al-) + other militants are concentrating their manpower in and .

  9. Aug 6

    /n War Report – August 6, 2018: Preparing For Operation In Northern via

  10. Aug 1

    NEW MAP update: The battle for southwest has ended in a decisive victory for the Government Forces. liberated the last remaining villages under control. .

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  11. Jul 27

    NEW MAP update: Almost entire and Governorates are back under Government control. secured the borders near /i occupied heights and liberated 60% of the pocket in Basin.

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  12. Jul 19

    NEW MAP update: "Rebels'" Southern Front collapsed completely. forces secured most of the important towns/locations in and continue to advance towards the borders of province and the /i occupied heights. HD-map:

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  13. Jul 18

    Syrian War Report – July 18, 2018: /n Army Liberated Another Group Of Settlements East Of Heights. via

  14. Jul 16

    NEW MAP update: forces continue their rapid advance in southern and secured more towns/villages today. Government forces also took control of Tell Harra - the highest point in province. HD-map:

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  15. Jul 15

    NEW MAP: forces launched a new offensive in northern province near the /i occupied heights and captured and . HD-map:

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  16. Jul 13

    NEW MAP update: forces took full control of city, AKA "cradle of the revolution".

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  17. Jul 12

    NEW MAP update: While the militants' so called "" near city is crumbling, more "rebel" held towns and villages near Governorate joined the reconciliation agreement with the Syrian Government.

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  18. Jul 9

    NEW MAP update: forces took control of several border posts near the /ian border and secured Tell Shehab and Zayzoun. "Rebel" held parts of city are now under siege.

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  19. Jul 9

    NEW MAP: Parts of are still under "rebel" control. However, Syrian Government Forces continue to secure the city's countryside and have cut all "rebel" supply routes. Militants inside the Governorate's capital city won't hold on for long now.

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  20. Jul 9

    NEW MAP update: forces captured the Air Defense Base located NW of Al Qadim Border post. The last major "rebel" supply route to Daraa city is now cut off.

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