A freedom Seeker ,a teacher, an activist and a reporter from the countryside of ALEPPO. I survived the holocaust of Aleppo city

the countryside of Aleppo
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    Jan 14

    I am still here with my family. Situation is so hard and people are disappointed in Idlib. I fled Aleppo to have a life for my wife and Lamar. No other place to go to. We don't know if we can make it.

  2. Nov 17

    Not important -led coalition kills 40 people mostly women and children in the countryside of Deir Ezzour today. Stop this kind of genocide against our people. What and spare, US does.

  3. Nov 14

    The unnoticed massacres coalition warplanes have committed many massacres in the last few days and last was two day ago in the countryside of Deir Ezzour. Zahra and Sham were from the victims. Do you hear that in the news?

  4. Nov 13

    A year ago this guy lost his brother in the attack on the town where I live on the main market in the western countryside of . The only thing found from his brother's body was his foot. His brother says "my brother's foot is worth than Assad's head."

  5. Nov 9

    One of the great people whom I knew during these years. He is one of the legendary teachers in this world.

  6. Nov 9

    Sad story... I am Mustafa shehne, 16 years old. My father Salah, My mother Hend My sister, Badria,23 My brothers Mohammad, 21, Abdo , 8 Ahmad, 4, were all killed by Syrian regime bombing. Today I meet them in the Sky after being killed by the same bloody hands.Don't forget us

  7. Nov 9
  8. Nov 2

    Thirst for blood. regime bombs south killing 8 people including a child, Mohammad Azzo and a pharmacist, Radwan Darweesh and 6 others mostly displaced people

  9. Oct 26

    A massacre in Reffah town south where 7 people were killed including three women and a teacher. Assad finds it difficult not killing civilians. wants to destroy the deal with Turkey to kill more civilians.

  10. Oct 19

    Killing a man is worse than destroying the world. Saudi, Assad, Iran and Russia kill their opponents just because they have different views. Hope none of the criminals all over the world escape from justice.

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    But, as says, “To close your eyes to injustice to show you are neutral, this is not fair"

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  12. Oct 12

    My wife and many others received threatening messages from regime that threat of eliminating people in . We said it once and say it again "we live as free people or die as mountains crowned with dignity and freedom.

  13. Oct 11

    A journalist asks me today" what are you doing after Assad's victory?" I told him when a man kills innocent people, this does not make him a winner but a criminal. In fact I smile when they mention ; Assad now has no word may be even on his bedroom.

  14. Oct 10

    We defend ourselves. Assad, Iran and Russia destroy our past, culture, homes and future.

  15. Oct 5

    a mother of a young man prisoned By Assad went out to speak to you via these two papers. She only wants to know if her son is alive or dead. Her tears tell the story.She says" I have hope that I can see my son alive" would you help her achieve that dream via raising her voice up

  16. Oct 3

    I am alive as revolution lives in my heart. When I forget it, I am no longer a person on this globe.

  17. Sep 18

    For seven years, the international community have betrayed us whenever we trusted them. Russia, Iran and Syrian regime lied every time they made a deal or an agreement. Don't give up. We're still here and keep your

  18. Sep 17

    It seems my new born son, Mohammad has brought good news with him to idlib. But this is not the end. Please, keep your

  19. Sep 14

    From Idlib where women and children participate seeking freedom.

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    Sep 13

    Young artists continue painting their friends in . They are working everyday, trying to show the world that their voices, like the voices of the children in , should be valued, treasured, and protected. These children inspire me everyday.

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  21. Sep 14

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