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    3 hours ago

    NASA has started work on its new supersonic jet, dubbed by some as "the son of Concorde"

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    3 hours ago

    Atlanta Police investigating fatal shooting of teenage girl inside Atlanta apartment has LIVE updates throughout the morning

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    16 hours ago
    Replying to

    Both France & Germany also have a deeper understanding of how allowing a foreign government to attack a person under their protection can have long term consequences in terms of protecting one's own citizens. Trump...just thinking about money.

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    Merkel Has The Balls Trump Lacks Germany (along with France) is sanctioning Saudi Arabia. Germany is also canceling ALL weapons deals, including those already signed. 20 warships are in those deals. Trump looks like a bought-wimp again.

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    21 hours ago

    [rolling up in heelys] doctor: that's sick electrician: that's lit greengrocer: that's fresh poet: that's epic drug dealer: that's dope ice fisherman: that's cool witch: that's wicked mathematician: that's radical dressing room attendant: that's tight

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    3 hours ago

    Surge in China theft of Australia company secrets: report

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    2 hours ago

    Land was stolen under apartheid. It still hasn't been given back

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    4 hours ago

    Trump isn't the only world leader who wants to avoid a clash with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Instead, Western nations are responding to Saudi aggression by addressing the war in Yemen

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    Visiting the Jackson, Miss., home of . This is hallowed ground! Mississippi, he died for your right to vote! @bewokevoke

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    Airbnb to remove listings in Israeli West Bank settlements

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    prequel won't have Targaryens (and perhaps no dragons)

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    Dr. Tamara O’Neal was shot and killed inside the hospital where she worked.

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    80% of women in prison are mothers; yet many are sent hundreds of miles from their families making it impossible for their children to visit. Proud to stand with in demanding Take action:

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    "You can't generalise Islamic law and say it treats women badly. I want to correct that misconception." Nenney Shushaidah is Malaysia's first female Sharia high court judge and now the first Malaysian to make the list.

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    8 hours ago

    The White House belongs to the public, not the president, and the job of the press is to ask hard questions, not to be polite.

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    Quote of the Day: "Change is the end result of all true learning." - Leo Buscaglia

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    6 hours ago

    A bus driver tore his own shirt into pieces to create makeshift masks for the 22 children he was ferrying to safety, as the Camp Fire scorched everything in its path.

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    8 forgotten animated Thanksgiving specials of the 1980s


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