Tar Sands Blockade


Born in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Affected residents and organizers fighting tar sands on the Gulf Coast

Joined April 2012


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    Sep 20

    Over 200 have been killed by the , w/ many still trapped. Send $ to who are saving lives RIGHT NOW!

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    Dec 13

    Here's what removed from their Net Neutrality page. They no longer promise to: -Not throttle back the speed at which content comes to you -Not prioritize Internet traffic or create paid fast lanes -Make internet accessible to low income families

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    DAPL’s owner is back at it, this time w/ a massive oil pipeline straight through Louisiana’s pristine bayous. Sign up to join the resistance:

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    3 hours ago

    Water protectors in say no way: "We will resist non-violently now. We will put our bodies in the way to prevent this pipeline from being built because this pipeline threatens drinking water, our crawfishermen, and so much that we hold dear." ~

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    3 hours ago

    Bayou Bridge Pipeline (owned by , who also owns ) gets Army Corps permit for Louisiana right of way

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    Puerto Rico, Day 86: —Millions of people still w/o power —Hundreds of thousands still w/o clean water —Still a humanitarian emergency Now, the says it will be ~175 more days until power is fully restored. Unfathomable.

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    In 1960, there was no: - Clean Air Act - Clean Water Act - National Environmental Policy Act - Safe Drinking Water Act - Environmental Protection Agency

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    Chickenlittling over ? 🤨 Pressure Congress instead! 👍 We can do it! 🤯🤩🤗

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    22 hours ago

    More than 700 employees have left the EPA since Scott Pruitt took over via

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    In 10 years time trains could solar powered

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    Dec 13

    . data shows that Austin cops kill more people per capita than any other large Texas city. More from 's civil rights reporter :

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    Dec 14

    We reached out to every Texas state senator about sexual harassment allegations against two of their colleagues. Half didn't respond. None called for them to resign.

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    Dec 13

    Buffalo herd escaping the Black Hills fire.

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    Dec 14

    The six initial defendants in the trials still face well over half a century in prison if convicted of the remaining counts.

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    Dec 12

    DONATE: Two Water Protectors charged with felonies for occupying crane used to build Puget Sound Energy's unpermitted liquified natural gas facility.

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    Dec 13

    St. Louis goddamn.

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    Dec 13

    Counter-Insurgency as a State Philosophy with Peter Gelderloos

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    Hey Texans, Want to know what your state senator has to say about the sexual harassment allegations against Miles and Uresti published by the ? Check here:

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    Dec 11

    We calculated overall police shootings rates from 2010-16 using data from the new database. St. Louis is off the charts.

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    Dec 13

    So , a defendant in the J20 case, took me on a walking tour of when the police raided his home. They took art off of the walls. They took a flag. They took his copy of The Nation. He wasn't even at the protest.

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    tfw the Walmart PR dept calls

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