Tar Sands Blockade


Born in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Affected residents and organizers fighting tar sands on the Gulf Coast

Joined April 2012


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    Jun 2
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    Aug 16

    Stay tuned for more upcoming leaks from "top secret" "elite" alt-right/neo-nazi Discord chat servers. 💧🌧🌊

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    Aug 16
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    Aug 16

    What were the antifas doing in Charlottesville? Protecting clergy leaders from white supremacists. via

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    Aug 14

    No, see, the racist general statues are just there to help us remember the past, that's why all holocaust memorials are statues of Hitler

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    Aug 15

    I think it's sometimes difficult to understand that we are part of history. Maybe this kind of comparison will help.

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    Aug 14

    lmfao Godaddy dropped the whois privacy protection on ;)

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    Aug 15

    Thread on Confederate statues, because SCIENCE IS REAL, FUCKERS: You ever see a statue rust? No? Because they're made of bronze. /1

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    Aug 15

    to support the person facing bullshit felony charges for a Chicago anti-fascist rally, donate to the bond fund:

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    Aug 14

    Neo-Nazis openly talking over leaked forums about killing people and bringing guns to next demonstrations to do so.

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    Aug 14

    BREAKING: Anonymous source provided Unicorn Riot access to white supremacist chat server. MORE:

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    Aug 15

    Major cities across the country are bracing for a wave of far right rallies in the coming days

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    Aug 14
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    Aug 15

    Far-Right Extremists & White Supremacists Plan Slew of Upcoming Rallies

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    Aug 15

    Please watch this, listen to the sound, and then tell me the answer is rational argument and civil discourse rather than a boot to the head.

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    Aug 15

    Racism is a power structure. It has no purpose or meaning outside of that. It was developed to determine a system of labor and ownership

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    Aug 15

    Why Did a State Trooper Try and Stop a Medic From Performing CPR on

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    Aug 14
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    Aug 14

    Millennials Are Killing The Racist Statue Industry

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    Aug 14

    VIDEO: The first public footage of KKK brutally assaulting Deandre Harris. Help us identify every single one of them.

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