Tar Sands Blockade


Born in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Affected residents and organizers fighting tar sands on the Gulf Coast

Joined April 2012

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    Mar 23

    Join the Action Camp from May 19-22 to stop fracking in the Wayne Natl Forest of southern Ohio.

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    2 hours ago

    Atlantic Coast Pipeline Would Require Extensive Mountaintop Removal @GreenpeaceSN

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    9 hours ago
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    10 hours ago
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    12 hours ago

    Hey "New England" been waiting for your opportunity to do some indigenous solidarity, now's your chance

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    Apr 27

    Today @ 3am, the Texas House passed an Arizona-style "show me your papers" bill. Latinos will be racially profiled as undocumented.

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    Apr 27

    'Resistance efforts ongoing' at the most elaborate tree sit conducted on the east coast of the US.

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    Apr 27

    ICE is extremely angry that you are prank calling their racist hotline. Please do not prank call 1 855-488-6423. Ty.

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    Apr 27

    Native nations round dance at trump hotel in DC, youth speak out!

  10. Apr 27
  11. Apr 27
  12. Apr 27
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    Apr 26

    Wouldn't it be a shame if millions of people called this hotline to report their encounters with aliens of the UFO-variety.

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    Apr 26

    It's up to us to stop big oil from fracking our National Parks. Please, help !!!

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    Apr 26
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    Apr 26

    Plz help spread this statement with defendants & get yr groups/collectives/orgs to endorse!

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    Apr 26
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    Apr 26
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    Apr 26

    Milwaukee inmate died after being deprived of water for 7 days

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    Apr 25

    Trump to sign executive order putting two decades of national monuments in jeopardy

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