Tar Sands Blockade


Born in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Affected residents and organizers fighting tar sands on the Gulf Coast

Joined April 2012


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    Sep 20

    Over 200 have been killed by the , w/ many still trapped. Send $ to who are saving lives RIGHT NOW!

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    Wow. Read the way an EPA spokesperson responded to a request for comment from the Times.

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    Oct 17

    Cleveland State University isn't taking down fliers telling LGBTQ students to kill themselves because "free speech"

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    Oct 18

    Student protestors arrange for medics - cops and say they can't come. My latest

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    Oct 19

    Construction crews are erecting prototypes of President Trump's border wall in the San Diego borderlands

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    Oct 18

    "We simply can't afford to weaken the Clean Water Act; we cannot afford to go back to the filthy water of the 1960s”

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    Oct 17

    . ship sails from NY harbor today, loaded with solar panels and bound for Puerto Rico. Thanks to all who organized, incl

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    Oct 18

    Line to get DSNAP benefits stretches for miles in East Harris County

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    Oct 16

    Puerto Rico is facing one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history

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    Oct 17
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    Oct 16

    We must protect our Historical Treasures from - is where the last trans-Atlantic slave ship brought It’s stolen cargo

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    Oct 16
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    Oct 16

    23 protesters arrested after blocking start of construction of Atlantic Sunrise gas pipeline on property of nuns

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    Oct 16
    Replying to and

    This interview is insanely comprehensive on the current situation + a deeper understanding of Puerto Rico. Podcast-

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    Oct 15

    As steel test strength was introduced by NEB in 1979, where did metals/older pipes go? Did industry craft false test to hide old steel?

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    Oct 16

    > twitter is cyan > facebook is blue > your friends are the product > and so are you

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    Oct 16

    These billboards have gone up today near oil company headquarters in Houston.

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    Oct 16

    Tomorrow: on Obama’s White House w/ ; & about their lawsuit against to make the 2020 census process public; , , & join to discuss soccer, ICE, opioids, & demographic shifts

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    Oct 15

    Water protectors hauling wood for Wakpa Waste Camp on the Cheyenne River Rez, prepping for winter.

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    St. John, which is part of the US Virgin Islands (all American citizens), is 100% without power since Sept. 6. Attn:

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    Oct 15

    200 female inmates are fighting fires right now in California for about $2 a day.

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