I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.

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  1. Nov 12

    Erdogan, referring to audio recordings of Khashoggi's murder: "We've given those tapes to Saudi Arabia, US, the Germans, the British and the French. French FM denied having the tapes, claimed Erdogan playing a political game. Yep, that's the Erdogan we know, lies and games..

  2. Nov 12

    Here is how much Erdogan cares about relations with EU!? Erdogan dozed off again..

  3. Nov 11

    Paranoia and insanity in Erdogan's judiciary let open an investigation into 4 years old Elif due link to Gulen movement. Elif was called to give a statement as a SUSPECT!

  4. Nov 10

    "Turkey is the ONLY country in the world that offers all it's citizens a general health insurance and provides FIRST CLASS health care." Every day another LIE! It's Erdogan's family that has the number one income and best healthcare he's been talking about, not TURKEY!

  5. Nov 10

    mocks with Turkish people. "Tell a big enough lie, it will be believed by bigoted fanatics" R.T.Erdogan 👇👇👇 'Turkey is NUMBER 1 in the world, in proportion to national income.'

  6. Nov 9

    Dutch intelligence says using Turkey as a strategic base to reorganize, posing a threat to Europe. What a coincidence just said that some shadowy powers are intending to resurrect and use ISIS. Is this a warning or a threat?

  7. Nov 8

    Here is another evidence how , a free messaging app is being used as a pretext for mass arrests as part of witch-hunt in Erdogan's Turkey. According to this expert report, the suspect was online (using ByLock) in 1970 even before the smartphones exist.

  8. Oct 28

    Two soldiers are frozen to death in Turkey. It's 2018! Even the date trees in Erdogan's palace are heated from the floor. Erdogan has a plane in which surgical operation can be carried out. Poor soldiers die of negligence, lack of equipment & facility. Damn your politics!

  9. Oct 26

    Is it so convenient to ignore a catastrophe where children have begun to resemble carcasses all because it is a desperately poor country in a region of the world we can’t relate to? 14 million Yemenis are facing pre-famine conditions, 400K children suffer from severe malnutrition

  10. Oct 25

    State of Emergency Inquiry Commission serves as Erdogan's approval and justification commission of wrongdoings to prevent any legal return!

  11. Oct 22

    Ece Nimet Gönüllü, student at Air Force Academy sentenced to life for being at Bosphorus bridge on the night of July 15 coup attempt. Students were put on buses and taken there by order. Ece and 259 students are in jail, their commanding officers are free.

  12. Oct 21

    : "Not even a single citizen's freedom was restricted" Erdoğan's last 2 years summary: -142K detained -81K arrested (of whom 17K women & 700 babies) -6000 academics, -4400 judges/prosecutors, -9000 police, -6000 military officers DISMISSED These people disagree you!

  13. Oct 19

    dozed off again at a joint press conference with Moldovan president Dodon. Erdogan’s interest and excitement last till he gets what he wants. Dodon served well in unlawful abduction and deportation of Turkish educators in Moldova. So not interested anymore!

  14. Oct 18

    What a tragedy! Hatice Demirhan, husband purged and arrested. Mother if three, twins suffer from scoliosis and have 81% disability, no income, no health care. Like as if this was not enough, mother was detained as well as part of witch-hunt by Erdogan regime. Please help!

  15. Oct 9

    These judges/ ladies/ mothers are in jail for more than 2 years and suffer from Erdogan's special wrath and hatred by being kept in solitary confinement. Stop this inhumane treatment!

  16. Oct 7

    Recep Erdogan, who said "Every crises brings new opportunities" is scolded by Tayyip Erdogan "What crisis? There is no crisis in Turkey, those are just manipulations" Who to believe? NONE!

  17. Oct 6

    After Erdogan's nation-wide propaganda of blaming US for being the reason of collapsing Turkish economy for deliberate attacks, Erdogan first made a deal with US McKinsey consulting firm then swerved. Berat says it's either due to ignorance or TREASON!

  18. Oct 2

    Defne cries all day and everyday! Her mother is in jail in Hatay and father jailed in Sivas. She can not see them both.. Let Defne's mom and other mothers be released pending trial!

  19. Oct 1

    Fadile Halaç Cebael, suspect of bloody attack in Gaziantep that killed 59 civilians is released due to health problems. Why does Erdogan regime NOT show the same mercy for pregnant women, sick journalists, teachers, judges, elder people currently in jail?

  20. Sep 30

    The world leader, sitting on a luxury throne on the left is asking for money from the leader sitting on a modest couch on the right.


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