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    Nov 10

    IMPORTANT: Know exactly what is at stake here w/ is holding the line on a central pillar of western democracy. Here are my current thoughts on this (SHARE IT). Thanx

  2. "Deadliest nerve agent known to man..." - and it takes between 6 - 12 months to kill the victim? And we're supposed to take this narrative on faith regardless of what is being presented. Welcome to the brave new world...

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    13 hours ago

    France - Notice something in this video! Macron regime security forces always aim for the head, and the eyes specifically.

  4. Look at 's thugs, with rifles - aimed at . The 'new look' democracy in action...

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    The type of stun grenade which caused one of the protesters to lost his hand is a Granada GLI - F4. It can pierce eardrums and even kill if thrown at people. Macron's regime is the one in the EU that allows its use on its own peoplel.

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    When I tweeted this a few months ago, a few nutters accused me of being a conspiracy theorist. I’m now happy to accept their apologies.

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    4 hours ago

    In the West nobody shoots the police/demonstrators, the West does not send its snipers to the West, it only sends them to the non-aligned govts: Romania 1989. Russia 1993. Venezuela 2002. Thailand 2010. Tunisia 2011. Egypt 2011. Libya  2011. Syria 2011. Ukraine 2014.

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    3 hours ago

    - More than 1.8mn Iraqis currently displaced - 8mn require some form of humanitarian aid

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    UK charities sending aid into Idlib could be at risk of committing terrorism offences if they use Bab al-Hawa border crossing from Turkey route into Idlib, was reportedly under the control of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham which "could incur financial benefit

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    Comey says he doesn’t remember why the FBI granted Pagliano immunity (pp. 199-201). (Pagliano is the State Dept. employee who set up Hillary Clinton's unusual private server). Comey says he doesn't know if the FBI asked Pagliano who instructed him to set up the private server.

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    Dec 8

    Bill Clinton paid $800K to a woman he raped. The money was loaned to him by Mark Rich, an international criminal wanted by US Authorities. Clinton then pardoned Mark Rich. Where’s the media outrage about that?

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    So, will Loretta Lynch ALSO experience sudden and complete memory loss during her upcoming Congressional Testimony?

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    Who wants to tell David Hogg he shouldn’t accept money for speeches by playing the role of a survivor when he was no where near the shooter?

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    The FBI opened an investigation into “4 Americans.” Comey will not name them. He says “at least some” of them were affiliated with the Trump campaign but insists the probe was not into Trump or the Trump campaign (pp. 23, 79, 136-138, 140, 142, 161).

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    Raises again the question of who handles 's censorship duties. At least publicly disclosed its decision to outsource FB censorship to the Saudi-funded Atlantic Council. Zero transparency in Twitter's censorship structure

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    8 hours ago
  17. Unfortunately, this doesn't square with previous documents covered in Congressional investigation...

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    9 hours ago

    Help lung cancer from becoming extinction! Dear World, please giving Benoîte Abedoux more cigarette. Thank.

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    11 hours ago

    Which suicide cult does it better?

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