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Gasland Nominated for An Oscar
Gasland Available on DVD
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Limitless Joy
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The Bomb
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Memorial Day
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Image galleries of WOW productions Biography of WOW director Josh Fox Information on the future of International WOW's building project coming soon. Information about where you can find published WOW plays coming soon.

International WOW's production history includes:
Reconstruction * Auto Da Fe * Surrender, A Simulated War Deployment Experience in Three Acts * Limitless Joy * The Expense of Spirit *
Death of Nations, The Violence of Articulation * The Comfort and Safety of Your Own Home: Death of Nations Part 1 ( USA ) *Orphan on God's Highway
* THE BOMB * Death of Nations, The Trailer * Death of Nations, Part III ( Iraq ): “How To Let Go of The Sun”
•A History of God or The Plague of Fantasies