Moccasins on the Ground returns to the Cheyenne River Homelands this weekend! This powerful direct action training series led by Owe Aku Bring Back the Way is only 5 days away and we are still short of our funding goal. You can support Lakota grassroots resistance by donating here: 5 bucks? 10 bucks? If we all pitch in just a few dollars, together we can make this important training happen! If you're not convinced, watch this short video (produced by our friends at Unedited Media) filmed during a training last year in the Red Shirt community on Pine Ridge. Moments like this are what make Moccasins on the Ground so special. We hope to keep sharing stories like this, but we need your help to make it possible. We must unite to fight those who threaten Mother Earth and sacred water! Please LIKE and SHARE this inspiring video far and wide! Thanks friends!
HOUSTON, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! T.E.J.A.S. Demands #ClimateJustice At COP21 HOUSTON, DECEMBER 1, 2015 - Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (T.E.J.A.S.) is sending a delegation of frontline leaders to the United Nations Global Climate Talks in Paris. T.E.J.A.S. will participate in two delegations -- Gulf South Rising and Defenders of Mother Earth - highlighting environmental justice and indigenous rights issues across the U.S. Texas remains No. 1 in CO2 emissions in the United States and according to research by Purdue University, Harris County ranks at the top of the list for CO2 emissions making Houston ground zero for climate action. T.E.J.A.S. delegates want the world to take note that impacted communities are experts in developing real solutions to the climate crisis. Low income communities of color suffer from CO2 emissions in addition to cumulative impacts from refineries, ports and chemical plants and should be consulted and included in every step of the process.
Live from the Shell No! Blockade. Hundreds have descended on Seattle's port and are effectively shutting down work for the day. Shell has only a small window of time to complete its maintenance work and disembark in order to stay ahead of brutal artic weather. So every day that work doesnt happen gets us closer to stopping this disaster in the making. Check out and keep an eye on #shellno to follow todays action! Click LIKE and SHARE this video of people rising up and resisting extreme extraction.

Meanwhile in Louisiana, petrochemical companies still consider themselves above the law.

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L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge was live.
23 hrs

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources is refusing to honor the judge’s order, so a group of local folks are taking action. We are on the ground to support.


From fighting tar sands to fighting to preserve its history in the face of profound, intergenerational disrespect, Africatown, Mobile, Alabama is a story that deserves to be understood. Few stories reported out about community have done as good a job at showing its dynamics than this WNYC Studios On the Media program.

WNYC Studios On the Media released their wonderfully immersive 50 minute program dedicated to Africatown, Mobile this last weekend. Have you listened, yet? Cue up on your podcast lists. It's a beautiful and thoughtful representation of the treasures, challenges, and champions of Africatown's revivalist vision.

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150 years ago, the last slaves brought to America founded a community outside of Mobile, Alabama.

A Presentation and Prayer by the Lummi Nation.

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Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Service was live.

A Presentation and Prayer by the Lummi Nation.

Native rights, animal rights and our collective resistance against polluting corporations to ensure clean air, wa...ter & health for all... these struggles are all connected. 🌍

After the people of Austin blessed the Lummi Nation’s totem pole as it journeys from Washington state to Miami to demand the release of Tokitae - a stolen orca whale - we sat down to hear more about Tokitae’s story and from local and guest panelists about these intersections.

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Bridge The Gulf

BREAKING NEWS -- District Judge Alvin Turner, Jr. today issued his ruling, stating that Energy Transfer (#ETP) should stop work on 18 miles of the #BayouBridg...e pipeline in Louisiana's coastal zone until the company's permit from the Department of Natural Resources can be reaffirmed.

More information coming soon from Tulane Environmental Law Clinic, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, Gulf Restoration Network, H.E.L.P., Pastor Harry Joseph, Genevieve Butler and L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge.

(The judge ruled last week that the permit is illegal - for more background, click on…/louisiana-judge-rules-bay….)

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Posted by Coast Protectors
Coast Protectors was live.

LIVE: Post Kinder Morgan AGM Press Conference

ETP never took the concerns of the St James community seriously, but they are forced to now.

L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge

Big news.

Louisiana’s 23rd Judicial District Court ruled against Energy Transfer Partners today setting the stage for the suspension of a key permit that is nee...ded to construct the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in St. James and other areas in eastern Louisiana.

The court ruled that ETP must create envrinomental protection and emergency evacuation plans and have them approved by the Department of Natural Resources before the permit can be reinstated.

More details coming soon. But this is an important victory in the battle to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Check out the press release below.

#NoBayouBridge #StopETP

For Immediate Release:

State Court Declares Bayou Bridge Pipeline’s Coastal Use Permit Illegal

CONVENT, La. – Louisiana’s 23rd Judicial District Court has ruled that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) violated the Coastal Use Guidelines when it issued Bayou Bridge Pipeline, LLC a Coastal Use Permit, allowing the company to construct and operate a crude oil pipeline through Louisiana’s Coastal Zone. The court ruled in favor of the Petitioners in the case, Pastor Harry Joseph, Genevieve Butler, H.E.L.P. association, the Gulf Restoration Network, the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, and Bold Louisiana, who argued that the DNR illegally failed to apply critical regulations under the Coastal Use Guidelines and failed to meet the agency’s duty as public trustee over the natural resources of the state. The Petitioners are represented by the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic.

Genevieve Butler, resident of St. James and petitioner in the lawsuit stated: “Here in St. James, we are in desperate need for an evacuation plan that will allow us to get out fast when something spills or explodes. More facilities keep coming, and each one puts us at more risk, but none of them want to do anything about our situation. Well, now Bayou Bridge has to step up. I hope all the others see this ruling as a sign that they have to give our community the protection we deserve.”

Pastor Joseph of Mt. Triumph Baptist Church stated: “It seems like the state agency didn’t think too much about the people who live here when it was giving Bayou Bridge this permit, and neither did Bayou Bridge. So we went to court, to somebody who we felt would listen to us, and he did.”

Cherri Foytlin of Louisiana Rise, formerly Bold Louisiana, stated, "It seems like nearly every time you get news on this company, it's because Energy Transfer Partners has been a bad actor to a community somewhere. They have spilled, poisoned, destroyed, and injured their way across this country. Yet whenever we bring this up, they use their money and influence to change the conversation toward unrelated issues. I have hope that this decision will bring the focus back to where it belongs, on the people who will suffer the biggest burden while receiving the smallest benefit should this destructive project be allowed to continue."

Scott Eustis of the Gulf Restoration Network said “District 5, the St James community, is Louisiana’s center for pipeline disasters—their ditches run with oil. And yet the state has not given the people of St. James the tools to protect themselves from harm. This Pipeline construction is filling drainage ditches from an African American community that already floods in heavy rain. DNR has ignored us, and ignored St James, but they can’t ignore this injustice any longer.”

Dean Wilson of the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper heralded the decision: “It’s gratifying to see the judicial system hold agencies accountable because they are supposed to be protecting the people and the natural resources of the state, including the Atchafalaya Basin.”

In its April 30, 2018, decision, the court held that the DNR’s failure to apply two mandatory guidelines, Guidelines 711(A), and 719(K), eliminated “the increased protections which should have been afforded prior to issuing a permit to transfer crude oil through the neighborhoods of St. James Parish and coastal areas.” Among other things, the court ordered DNR to require Bayou Bridge Pipeline “to develop effective environmental protection and emergency or contingency plans relative to evacuations in the event of a spill or other disaster.” The court declined to rule on rule on Petitioners’ claim that DNR also violated its public trust duty.

Guideline 711(A), contained at La. Admin. Code tit. 43 pt. I § 711(A), which the Court held that the DNR had no rational basis for failing to apply, requires that, to the maximum extent practicable, industrial and commercial uses which alter land areas or water bottoms in the Coastal Zone must take place only “on lands which have foundation conditions sufficiently stable to support the use, and where flood and storm hazards are minimal or where protection from these hazards can be reasonably well achieved, and where the public safety would not be unreasonably endangered.” The Petitioners alleged that DNR should have applied these restrictions when deciding whether to issue the Bayou Bridge Pipeline permit but did not. According to Petitioners’ attorney Elizabeth Livingston de Calderon, “The law explicitly requires that the agency consider public safety, on its own and in relation to the inevitable floods and storms, as part of a broad analysis of whether the lands and water bottoms that these pipelines run through can support this pipeline’s ongoing use.”

Guideline 719(K), contained at La. Admin. Code tit. 43 pt. I § 719(K), which the court found the agency’s failure to consider particularly troubling, requires that “effective environmental protection and emergency or contingency plans shall be developed and complied with for all mineral operations.” The Petitioners argued that the guideline requires that the agency ensure that an effective spill plan is in place – including an evacuation plan for residents of St. James – before the permit issues, so the agency’s attempt to shift that responsibility to other agencies at a later date violated the law. The court agreed that DNR’s failure to apply Guideline 719(K) was illegal.

Petitioners’ attorney Elizabeth Livingston de Calderon stated, “We are pleased for our clients that the court recognized the importance of enforcing the mandatory public safety and environmental protection provisions under the law.”

Read more here:…/louisiana-judge-rules-bay…

Support the struggle!
✊🏾 #StopETP

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L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge

This is a crucial moment in the fight to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. If you ever were thinking of joining us here in Louisiana, now is the time.

Join us on ...the frontlines, apply to be part of the L'eau Est La Vie Camp:

Energy Transfer Partners has been rushing construction of the pipeline, but water protectors have continuously interrupted, delayed and stopped work. But we need more numbers if we are to stop the pipeline once and for all.

If completed would connect to the Dakota Access Pipeline system to bring fracked-oil from North Dakota to export terminals in Louisiana.

Apply to join the Camp today:

#NoBayouBridge #StopETP #Resist

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L'eau Est La Vie Camp - No Bayou Bridge

BREAKING: Bayou Bridge Pipeline construction currently halted. The crawfish rebellion strikes again!


Donate or apply to come down:
Stand in solidarity:

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Shifting the story combining power of art as direct action by employing the "Visual Artists Rights Act" - who knew that existed?!

A Blade of Grass and the Cardozo School of Law are hosting a mock trial for Aviva Rahmani's ecological art projects to stop the use of eminent domain for pipeline construction.
Eriel Tchekwie Deranger

Good news for people and the planet...Europe's largest bank will no longer invest in Arctic Drilling, Tar Sands/Oil Sands, and (Most) Coal Projects.

HSBC, the biggest bank in Europe and the world’s seventh-largest, has resolved to stop funding Arctic drilling, tar sands/oil sands development, and most new coal-fired power plants.
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Those fighting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana could be fined $10,000 just for planning a protest:

Check out the Spider’s tangled web... please read and share!

“But residents who stayed on the line were never informed that one of those experts -- James “Spider” Marks -- has close ties to TigerSwan, a mercenary private security firm that used counter-terrorism tactics against water protectors at Standing Rock and that’s been denied a license to work in Louisiana.

That’s not all listeners weren’t told.”

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Climate and Environment Experts On Bayou Bridge Robocalls Have Ties to TigerSwan, Industry Groups posted by Karen SavageApr 18 2018View Comments In late March, residents across Louisiana picked up the phone to hear a recorded voice inviting them to join experts for a “free informational conference...


Some #Louisiana residents recently received a robocall inviting them to join an informational call on the #BayouBridge pipeline.

But they weren’t told that pan...elists had ties to industry and to #TigerSwan, a mercenary security firm that's been denied a license to work in Louisiana due in part to its use of counterterrorism tactics against water protectors at Standing Rock.

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Climate and Environment Experts On Bayou Bridge Robocalls Have Ties to TigerSwan, Industry Groups posted by Karen SavageApr 18 2018View Comments In late March, residents across Louisiana picked up the phone to hear a recorded voice inviting them to join experts for a “free informational conference...

Heads up, Louisiana!


Louisiana residents can call 225-342-6945 TODAY to register opposition to HB727. This ALEC sponsored bill, would hyper-criminalize water protectors an...d stifle First Amendment rights.

Please know your specific state representative before you call.


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At up to five years of hard labor, anyone thinking that they should vandalize energy infrastructure in Louisiana ought to think twice about the penalty for such a crime.

Now a pair of economists has offered a cogent argument that the activists are onto something — that restrictive supply-side (RSS) climate policies have unique e...conomic and political benefits and deserve a place alongside carbon prices and renewable energy supports in the climate policy toolkit.

“In our experience,” the authors write, “the climate policy community has for too long been excessively narrow in its preference for certain kinds of policy instruments (carbon taxes, cap-and trade), largely ignoring the characteristics of such instruments that affect their political feasibility and feedback effects.” I have written the same thing many times, so I think a climate policy argument that takes politics seriously deserves a close look.

To understand it, it helps to have a framework for classifying climate policies.…/…/fossil-fuel-supply

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A new paper makes the case for supply-side climate policy.

In late January, the French government cancelled the proposed airport that farmers and environmentalists of the #ZAD had fought militantly for decades.

They released this gorgeous little video to explain what exactly they were fighting so long to preserve and invited all their supporters to come and celebrate with them. They thought they had finally won.

But then just a few days ago, they learned that 50,000 militarized police are now on route to forcefully evict the ZAD on M...onday. They have survived evictions before, but this will be a serious test of the movement they have been building for decades. We will be posting updates throughout the day tomorrow, so please stay tuned, and be prepared to organize solidarity demos at French consulates if there is a call for that.

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"I had never come to the zad before" is collaboration between occupants of the zad, film director Leo Leibovici, The laboratory of Insurrectionary Imaginatio...