Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Chairman Frazier -- Stolen Children Expose Truth About U.S. Government

Cheyenne River Lakota Chairman Harold Frazier, Eagle Butte, S.D.

By Cheyenne River Chairman Harold Frazier
Censored News

I often consider the Lakota Oyate as strong patriots and warriors that have taken up the cause of the United States of America. Despite the way we have been treated in our collective past. Our history together has been filled with death and destruction resulting in a devastated society that is doing its best to heal our wounds and look past our differences.
Recently, Americans have reacted with shock as they realize the actions their government has taken by breaking up families and incarcerating children by the hundreds. I am not shocked however. This country has witnessed this before.
When the Americans came to this continent they brought with them slaves that they separated from their families far away. They then took our children away from us under the pretense that we do not know what is best for them.
Today, many Americans are again justifying the barbaric practice of incarcerating children to further political and financial goals. At what point does the United States have to realize they are the bad guys?
The United States has woven a society of immigrants and Tribal nations under a beacon of hope. This is a dark time when our children will talk of the damage we have done to the fabric of that society.
The devastation done is nothing new to us, our people know the devastating effects that separation policies have on a generation of children that were removed from their families. Indian people are still recovering from the United States’ failed boarding schools in which religion was used as justification. It shows a lack of morality to brandish faith as a justification to dehumanize the most sacred of us to walk this earth, the children.
Families are the most important foundation of society. It is a law of nature that family members protect each other and nurture what is best of humanity, love. To break that sacred bond between family is crime that has been done to my people and would never wish on another.
It is obvious the American government has failed the people of the United States as it has failed the treaties it has made with the Great Sioux Nation. The voices of reason are speaking and I have faith in the American people, I hope they do not continue to let myself and the rest of the world down. I hope they do the right thing without trying everything else first.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Apache Stronghold Sacred Journey -- Oklahoma City and Cahokia Mounds

By Steve Pavey
Apache Stronghold Sacred Jounrey
Censored News

Traveling East with stops in Oklahoma City and the St. Louis’ Cohokia mounds - the Stronghold Sacred Caravan is encountering Sites and stories with heavy trauma. Native Indians were killed or pushed out of these lands as a part of US policy and practice. We must face this past because this system of settler colonialism rooted in racism and greed and militarism is our present. This understanding of the evil we face is what the Sacred Caravan is bringing to the Poor People’s Campaign. We must listen and follow the lead of our indigenous family. As the Sacred Caravan travels we are stopping to pray and to create a trail of Black stones for healing what this nation has desecrated.

“Settler colonialism, as an institution or system, requires violence or the threat of violence to attain its goals. People do not hand over their land, resources, children, and futures without a fight, and that fight is met with violence. In employing the force necessary to accomplish its expansionist goals, a colonizing regime institutionalizes violence.” - Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

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Western Shoshone to Clark County, Nev. 'Land Expansion Would Violate Treaty, is Environmental Racism'

Ian Zabarte photo by Brent Holmes

Ian Zabarte, Principal Man, Western Shoshone Nation, delivers comments opposing land expansion to packed Clark County Commission Meeting today.

 "It is dangerous to rely upon BLM land status records of title on Shoshone treaty lands." -- Ian Zabarte

Bad Bear's Photos -- Long Walk Home for Nawacomig

Photos by Western Shoshone Carl Bad Bear Sampson
Long Walk Home for Nawacomig (Dennis Banks)
Glendive, Montana
June 18, 2018
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Migrant children separated from parents.