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AimWest Aims to Be Your Political Party for the Southwest


Welcome to this new site belonging to the local political organization “AimWest”, whose representatives deal with issues in the Southwest of the United Kingdom.

AimWest is new, we have a great organization, and an inbounding desire to be different, and perform with a difference. In these next few paragraphs, we want to tell you what sets us apart from the other political organizations, what skills we bring to the table, what want to do for you, and our personal philosophy in politics.Visit Wiki!Welcome again, and thanks for joining us here today. Look to AimWest to do things different for you.56

Area AimWest Serves

AimWest serves the southwest of the United Kingdom, comprising a population of approximately 5.3 million residents, covering 9,200 square miles of land, and includes the centres of Bristol, Somerset, Dorset, Cornwall, Devon, the Isles of Scilly, Wiltshire, and Gloucestershire.

Regional Economic Boundaries

The Southwest is broken into 15 local government districts, with considerable economic disparity between the areas included in the southwest region.abThe areas that are faring the best are Dorset and Bristol, with both cities relying on their maritime history and the building of an aeronautics industry, supporting about 25 percent of the regional economy,The areas of Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire, are holding their own, and contribute, as well, 25 percent to the regional economy. Also, scattered throughout the southwest are new industries of telecommunications, computerization and information technologies, car and lorry parts’-making, and medical facilities, to name just a few sectors that are improving the economic opportunities in the area. Albeit, a distribution of benefits is not equally or evenly divided throughout the region, with some to relying on agriculture and tourism to support the lack of industrialization in some areas.

Gross Value Added Results for the Southwest United Kingdom

The total of the Southwest’s economy is supported by 70% percent service-related activity, 28% production industry activity, and 2 percent from agriculture.Tourism is also important, adding $4.9 billion pounds to the economy, which is included in the overall contribution percentage for the service-related industries.In summary, although there may be areas of the Southwest Region that are faring better than others, the focus of the present political parties has produced a large disparity between the western parts of the Region and the eastern side. In short, the old political parties have played “old politics” and that is where the new AimWest Party will be different than the other political parties.

Political Structure

During the last election the Conservatives held 46 percent of the popular vote, the Labour Party 18 percent, the Liberal Democrats had 15 percent, the UKIP were also at 15 percent, and the Green Party trailed all at 14 percent.Visit for Political Structure!

mmPhilosophy of the AimWest Party

The basis for the philosophy of the AimWest Party is a focus on the Southwest Region of the United Kingdom. Focusing on the whole of the Region will remove local bias so that each area will have similar support and opportunity that they see as best for their area. There will not be silly games played to favour votes, as the total of the Southwest Region is the home of the representatives of the AimWest Party. Each and every person, and each area deserves the same and similar treatment as their neighbours, and that is just one thing within our underlying philosophy that will makes the AimWest Party different from the other political parties

Social Leaning

The Conservative Party is, as expected, furthest to the right in the political spectrum. They are also mid-point between the center and supporting authoritarian government,weThe Labour Party, surprisingly, does not exhibit much difference in political leanings that the Conservatives. The Labour Party is marginally to the left from the Conservatives, and just a little higher on the spectrum towards more authoritarian government. Overall, however, the two major parties are not exhibiting much of a different political philosophy, as a result of they each trying to hit the centre of the population spectrum of the greatest number of voters.Visit for Socail Learning!The AimWest Party’s philosophy would sit close to the Conservatives but with a less authoritarian government. Some may wonder why, but with honesty and integrity, and all people and areas within the Region being equal, AimWest’s goal is to provide support and drive for people and business to succeed.It is not AimWest’s role to pick one area over another, but as a basis of philosophy, to provide equal and assertive assistance throughout the Southwest Region to help people and companies be the best they can be.

Program and Service Focus

Program and service focus shall be to assist people and communities to develop and deliver what they see as needed to make them the best they can be. AimWest supports providing affordable daycare, which will allow women to become increasingly valuable contributors to the economy of the Region.From purely an economic perspective, not even discussing the political and social responsibilities, working to eliminate gender discrimination can have a positive impact on us all. It is estimated that there would be at least a 5% positive impact on GDP, and it has been found that companies that have more of their board members represented by women perform much better than their counterparts with less than male representation.Gender equality is not only a social and political imperative; it is an economic imperative that can drive our United Kingdom economy forward.The AimWest Party also supports greater involvement with younger aged women entering non-traditional occupations, such as trades and business and finance. Presently only one of eleven female graduates is going on to take business and finance, and although apprenticeship training for women is improving, there needs to be a much greater focus on getting young women involved.


Welcome to this new site belonging to the local political organization “AimWest”, whose representatives deal with issues in the Southwest of the United Kingdom. We have no National illusions at this time, and are focusing our efforts on equal and legitimate access to all the areas to help them be the best they can be.Talk to us at the AimWest Party, as we are here for you. We wish to show you by our actions that we are different, and we want to build a relationship with you based upon honesty and integrity in everything that we do.Call on us, the AimWest Party as we are here for each and everyone of you.


Justice For Single Fathers

A debate that’s been around for a while is how politically single mothers have lots of advantages, certain rights and benefits, while single fathers don’t get any kind of benefit, on top of that, when a couple with children splits, the tendency is that the mother keeps the child and also receives child support money, while there are some cases where the father wins the custody they’re not nearly as common as the ones where the mother wins it.

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There are lots of arguments to defend this injustice , some of them include : “a child is always better with her mother “, “Lots of men leave women with their babies “ , “a mother carries the baby for 9 months ” etc, however I think even though they’re not wrong, they don’t justify the injustice of single fathers not having the same benefits as single mothers.

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It is also true that those same arguments maybe used against women as well, while it is true that lots of men don’t take responsibility for their children, some women don’t either, don’t take me the wrong way, the benefits single mothers get should not be taken away from them, however those same benefits should be given to single fathers as well.

Nowadays, we live in a world where there’s “gender equality” thanks to brave women who fought for their rights years ago, however “gender equality “ stopped being gender equality a while ago and became feminism, these is not sad, lots of causes start the right way and then take these kind of turns, what’s sad is that they convinced politics to give them benefits that they don’t give to men , and these benefits don’t stop with the benefits they give to single mothers, there are also a bunch of laws that are aimed directly to protect women, and not men.

It doesn’t stop there, there are serious things that the law doesn’t take seriously when happens to men, but takes deadly serious when it happens to women, rape and sexual harassment are perfect examples of what I mean, when it happens to women the law takes measures immediately, but when it happens to men the law may not even act.

So where do I wanna get with this? why do women have such benefits politically that men don’t? I don’t know, but men should have those benefits as well, carrying a child for nine months doesn’t make a woman a good mom, so why should women have the priority when couples split? what exactly makes a single mother better that a single father? nothing does, because your sex does not determine who you are that’s why single mothers and single fathers should be treated the same way, they should have the same benefits and the same responsibilities, since both took part in the making of the baby equally.

So will this ever change? well I don’t know lots of people including men and women believe those benefits they only give to single mothers are fair ,and not lots of peoples are complaining about the injustice that single fathers don’t get those same benefits, however if we want our society to be better, it will be necessary that single fathers are given the same benefits as single mothers.

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