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The Broadcast Schedule for Monday, March 19, 2018

3rd Monday

12 AM: Paralelo Zero-Radio Brazil: K C Vaz

2 AM: The A List: Sam Hopkins

6 AM: Alternative Radio: David Barsamian

7 AM: Mark Mushin

9 AM: Johnny Be Good: John Corvino

12 Noon: Arts on Air – The Arts Council of Greater New Haven

1 PM: The Jazz Sound: Rick Petrone

4 PM: Kevin Gallagher

6:55 PM: WPKN Local News: for Connecticut and Long Island

7 PM: WPKN Evening News Report: National and International News

7:30 PM: CounterSpin: weekly news magazine from Fairness And Accuracy In Reporting

8 PM: Counterpoint: Scott Harris

Featured Guests:

  1. Jeffrey Kay, a clinical psychologist and an independent journalist who has written extensively on torture, examines President Trump’s nomination of Gina Haspel to become the next director of the C.I.A, despite her history of overseeing a secret prison in Thailand where U.S. terrorist suspect detainees were tortured — and her role in destroying video tape evidence of the torture carried out by the agency.
  2. Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, discusses proposals being made in the U.S. Congress to establish a new “Space Corps” or “Space Force” — and the dangers he sees in the militarization of space.
  3. Eric Blanc, a contributor to Jacobin magazine and a doctoral student in the sociology department at New York University who covered the nine day West Virginia teachers strike, discusses the union’s success in winning a five percent pay raise for all state workers, a temporary freeze on health insurance premiums, and the significance of their wildcat strike for the broader U.S. labor movement.
  4. Steve Winter, a member of the New Haven Board of Alders representing Ward 21, and co-coordinator of the Connecticut chapter of National Popular Vote, discusses the current effort underway to pass the National Popular Vote Interstate compact in the CT legislature. He’ll explain what NPV is all about, track the progress of legislative proposal H.B. 5421 — and let listeners know how they can get more info on the bill and assist in fighting for its passage.

10 PM: Writer’s Voice: Francesca Rheannon

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz tells us who the Second Amendment was designed to control. We talk with her about her new book, Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment. Then we talk with journalist Gregg Levine about his special investigation for The Nation magazine into the deaths and illnesses afflicting U.S. sailors exposed to radiation from the Fukushima Daichi meltdown.

11 PM: Living Room Listening Session: Rob Peck (fill-in for Sonic Spectrum: Chris Ferrio)

2 AM (Tuesday): The Techno Takeover: Tyler Wenning

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