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Omissions by Flynn on Russia May Be Illegal, Lawmakers Say

  • Lawmakers from both parties said Michael T. Flynn may have violated the law by not disclosing his business dealings with Russia as required.
  • Mr. Flynn, President Trump’s first national security adviser, is also accused of inappropriately accepting funds.


Threat of Shutdown Fades as Trump Retreats on Wall

Lawmakers are negotiating a spending bill that would supply no money for a border wall but would increase funding for the military and other border security measures.

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Be Nice — You Won’t Finish Last

There are two kinds of popular people: the likable and the status seekers. Which kind are you? It matters.

Marine Le Pen Gets a Lift From the Far Left

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the far-left fourth-place finisher in France’s presidential vote, has refused to back Ms. Le Pen’s centrist opponent in the runoff, giving her an opportunity.

Paraguay Heist: Explosives, Guns and Getaway Boats

Outlaws stole millions in a robbery in the so-called Triple Frontier where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meet. Three were killed in a shootout in Brazil, and at least eight others were captured.

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