Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Protest US EPA environmental racism San Francisco August 22, 2008

Please double click on image to enlarge for protest of US EPA's environmental racism. Tell the US EPA to put the toxic dumps and power plants in their own backyards, rather than on Indian lands.
Geenaction to US EPA: No 'cat and mouse' games, listen to the people

Bradley Angel of Greenaction tells the US EPA that Administrator Stephen Johnson should meet with the people and halt the excuses. E-mail correspondences:
From: Bradley Angel, Greenaction
Dear Ms. Yoshii,
Thanks for the prompt response. However, Administrator Johnson must rearrange his schedule due to the urgent matters involving US EPA and environmental justice that have arisen in the last few months, as well as the ongoing violations of environmental justice by the EPA. It is unacceptable for Mr. Johnson to come to San Francisco and fail to make time to meet with community members who will be or are being poisoned by the decisions Mr. Johnson and the EPA have made. From communities on the Navajo Nation to the Colorado River Indian Tribes to Kettleman City to Bayview Hunters Point, EPA’s actions truly threaten the health and well-being of the people. We will continue to insist that Mr. Johnson meet with community representatives on Friday and we will seek to speak with him at that time. For environmental justice,
Bradley Angel
From: Yoshii.Laura@epamail.epa.gov
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 3:02 PM
To: Bradley Angel Subject: Re: Request for meeting Friday with EPA Administrator Johnson
Dear Mr. Angel,
In response to your request for a meeting with the EPA Administrator on Friday August 22, 2008, the Administrator's schedule is full and he will be unable to meet with you and other community and environmental justice groups as requested.
However, Region 9 personnel would be happy to meet with you and others at a future date to discuss the concerns raised regarding Region 9 actions. Please contact Lily Lee of my staff at (415) 972-3795 to schedule these meetings.
Laura Yoshii Deputy Regional Administrator EPA Region 9
"Bradley Angel" < bradley@greenaction.org> 08/19/2008 09:12 AM
Subject Request for meeting Friday with EPA Administrator Johnson
This is a formal written request, following up on our phone request, that Administrator Johnson meet with representatives of community and environmental justice groups during his visit to San Francisco on Friday. Mr. Johnson should make time to meet on such important concerns, especially in light of numerous actions by him and the EPA that have serious environmental justice impacts. Attached is also a flyer advertising a protest against Johnson and US EPA’s racist, unjust and pro-polluter policies. We expect that EPA will respect the right of peaceful protest on Friday. Please contact me with the response to this request. Bradley Angel On behalf of the two dozen organizations uniting to protest EPA’s pro-polluter policies.

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