Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents in First Nations Territory

Message from John Hummel,
Published with permission
While searching the Treasury Board of Canada's 'Federal Contaminated Sites Inventory' database, I discovered that there are 12 Federal Contaminated sites listed where Biological/Chemical Warfare Agents are present. I have attached a list of these sites as well as the complete site report and a map of the one near the city of Campbell River, British Columbia. This toxic site is located in Campbell River First Nation Traditional Territory. At the Campbell River toxic site, biological/chemical warfare agents were found in the air! Here are the 'Federal Site Identifier' Numbers for all twelve of these Federal toxic sites across Canada which contain biological/chemical warfare agents:
If you wish to see complete site reports and maps for these toxic sites, here's how, 1) Go to this Link: http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/fcsi-rscf/numbers-numeros.aspx?Language=EN&sid=wu6813313800
2) Click on 'Federal Site Identifier', type in one of the numbers above in the box and then click on 'get details' and the full Contaminated Site Report will appear,
3) If you wish to see a detailed map of that particular contaminated site, look in the body of the report for a link titled: 'Locate this site on a map' and click on it. Also, there is a contact person listed in the report for each site if you wish more detailed information. The Canadian federal Government is legaly liable for cleaning up this toxic mess.
For Land and Life,
John H.W. Hummel
Toxics Researcher
611 Eighth Street,
Nelson, British Columbia
Canada V1L 3A6
Tel: (250)505-2165
Email: jhwhummel@shaw.ca
P.S. There is also a 'Zoom In' feature for the maps.

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